The news generation is facing some tremendously dangerous epidemic in which their skins would decay and fall of the body in due course of time. But this epidemic does not spread through air or water but through the dangerous drug called Krokodil, which millions of people across the globe consuming thinking it is Heroin. The news came out as the shocker with some horrifying images of the victims. If this is not stopped here, it will eat our future young generation out. What is this Krokodil and why millions have got addicted to it? Read the complete report here.
A joy ride on his new Ducati bike turned into tragedy for the 18-year-old Mumbai lad Subhan Baugwala when he crashed his speeding bike on the road divider resulting in his instant death. According to the sources, the bike (Ducati) was gifted to him (Subhan) by his parents on his 18th birthday. The deceased Subhan Baugwala was riding the bike along with his friend Sultan Patel (Pillion). They were on their way to MMK college at Bandra when the accident took place, said the sources. The pillion rider Sultan is said to be in critical condition.
Mr. Vishesh Naik, Manager- Marketing, GTDC and Mr. Anil Dalal, Assistant Manager, GTDC receiving an award for the 'Most Innovative Product' at TTF...
The Facebook Founder and billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg is facing yet another controversy and this time it has to do with the private beach property Mark had invested in Hawaii. According the sources, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla had invested into a private beach property at Hawaii which is a huge portion of land with beach frontage measuring around 700 acres (28 Lac Sqmt.) coasting whopping 100 million US Dollars (650 crore INR). The sources in the Business Insider has revealed that, the Facebook billionaire is suing hundreds Hawaiians having the legal ownership (ancestral rights) on the said land and are not ready to vacate the same.
Machines are replacing most of the work done by us and slowly taking over the human race. From automated factories to the household, machines are ruling all over. The inventions of robots have resulted into posing the challenge to human race. Except for the emotions and senses are a concern, the robots can do anything. Here is the latest report published by the PTI which claims that a Robot journalist has made its debut in the Chinese daily. According to the sources, the said robot journalist had made a 300 character long article in just a few seconds.