Most of the people reading this article will surely have owned the iPhone or at least planning to won one very soon. But you have no idea as how much the Apple company makes on each iPhone, and we are sure that you will be shocked to know that. Apple did not reach the US Dollars one trillion mark by doing charity. In fact, this company is one of the most profit making companies in the world at the moment, and its maximum business comes from selling iPhones.
Gaining political mileage in the names of departed leaders is a part of the political game in our country, and it is not happening for the first time. It began right from the time of the Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination and continues till date. Everyone in power has always gained political mileage through the goodwill of the departed leaders. The allegations made by a niece of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee on BJP have started a new political storm in the Indian Politics arena, and it revolves around exactly this practice.
Social media is one of the best mediums to reach a wider spectrum of people across the world in a very short time. Earlier it was not possible, but thanks to Mark Zuckerberg who brought the world closer with the help of Facebook, it is now. With time, however, people have began misusing this platform for personal gains; for getting more shares and likes for their post people post anything on social media without any verification and something similar seems to have happened in this case too.
Here’s some good news which may also be a lifesaver for some. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has issued an advisory to states to accept Driving Licence, Registration Certificate or other documents in 'electronic form' presented through DigiLocker or mParivahan platform as valid under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and treat them at par with the certificates issued by the transport authorities.
A member of the Sanathan Sanstha, Vaibhav Raut was allegedly arrested following a raid at his house that recovered eight crude bombs and explosives late Thursday. The Anti-terrorism Squad (ATS) of Maharashtra police arrested Raut at Nallasopara in Palghar district near Mumbai. Raut (40) who is a member of the right-wing Hindu organization has been associated with Sanstha since 2012. He was produced before the Bhoiwada court on Friday afternoon. The police said raw materials such as gunpowder and detonators were found that were enough to make two dozen bombs and explosives.