The great Indian festival is over, Prime Minister Modi and his party BJP has emerged as the winners' hands down, for the second time arguably because of weak opposition more than promises fulfilled. But what does this big win mean for India?
There are several cases that took place in Goa recently wherein many Goans have lost hundreds to thousands of rupees in the online scam and still, there is no breakthrough by the police or crime branch and the reason lack of expertise and laid back nature. Here is the true story that took place in Mumbai.    
It is a lesser known fact that David Dhawan started his journey as a filmmaker with editing and the latter is a craft he enjoys more than any other. That his actual name is Rajinder and ‘David’ was a name fondly given to him by a Jew family in Kolkata, is another trivia. The In-Conversation session titled, ‘Dha-One’, featuring David Dhawan and his superstar son Varun Dhawan was full of such lesser-known facts surrounding the Dhawan family, a candid recollection of David and Varun’s journey in films and the changes in the film industry from the duo’s point of view. The massive DMK auditorium at Kala Academy failed to contain the huge swarm of Varun Dhawan’s fans who did not stop cheering, whistling and expressing their love for the young icon.
49th International Film Festival of India dedicated a day for Jharkhand. The scenic state bestowed with rugged hills, dense forests, and mesmerizing waterfalls got a much-needed impetus as a film shooting destination when dignitaries came together to celebrate ‘Jharkhand Day’ today at IFFI.
The second day at IFFI, 22nd November 2018, had perhaps the busiest schedule of masterclass and panel discussions. The highlight of the day, undoubtedly, was...