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A Class 11 Student, and the sole breadwinner of Family, Wins a chance Visit NASA But No one to Pay for her Trip

In our country talent alone is not sufficient to achieve something, one needs a godfather or sponsor to help achieve
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In our country talent alone is not sufficient to achieve something, one needs a godfather or sponsor to help achieve that dream. Something similar seems to have happened with the 11th Grade student Jayalaxmi from Tamilnadu. Despite being the sole breadwinner of her family she completed her 11th grade and also won a chance to visit NASA but the expenses needed to travel comes out to be around 1.69 Lakhs which the biggest challenge before her at the moment. 

The news of Jayalaxmi from Tamilnadu, who is an 11th-grade student and sole breadwinner of her family winning a trip to NASA went viral on newspapers and social media praising her achievement, which she deserves indeed, but that is not all in the story. Here is more than that that is needed to be told.

Who is Jayalaxmi, And how she supports her family at this young age?

She is just another hardworking and talented person that our country is blessed with but does not have value for the same. There are hundreds of schemes for the girl child in our country but who takes advantage of it? Does it reach to the grass-root level is the subject of another story altogether but here in the case of Jayalaxmi who sells the cashews and gives tuitions to class 8 and 9 students to take care of her family is a real child prodigy? 

Jayalaxmi Wins a Ticket to NASA

According to the report published in The News Indian Express, the young girl is a sole breadwinner of her family taking care of her own mentally challenged Mother and younger brother by giving tuitions to the students of 8th and 9th grade besides selling Cashews to make ends meet.

Jayalaxmi a science student is brilliant in her studies got an opportunity to visit NASA and interact with the astronauts and she did not get this served on a platter but she had to appear for the competitive examination to win this ticket. 

It was by chance, she came to know of the competition conducted by Go4Guru. “APJ Abdul Kalam is one of my inspirations. As I studied more about space, my interest increased,” said Jayalaxmi adding that she hopes to inspire others from govt schools.

“When I was practising for a carrom match, I saw a newspaper lying beside the board. It had a story about Dhaanya Thasnem, who won a chance to go to NASA last year. I was intrigued and immediately went home and registered for the exam,” she told the newspaper. 

The story of Jayalaxmi is heart touching, according to the sources, her father who lives separately sends money once in a while and that is not sufficient to take care of her studies and family. But God is with her and she is not going to be stopped by anything to achieve her dreams.      

“My father lives separately and sends money once a while. My teachers and students pitched in to help me get a passport. The passport officers also offered me Rs 500. I have requested the Collector to help me with expenses,” said Jayalakshmi. She hopes her victory would inspire others from government schools to take part. 

NASA Space Centre

Jayalaxmi has a dream of making her country proud and she is the first student of a government school who won this trip. “I want to make a rocket-like Abdul Kalam. No one from a government school has won this trip. I want to inspire government school students. If I can do it, so can they,” she said, making her school principal and teachers proud.

Picture Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Dost! 

Winning a trip alone to NASA is not sufficient as they are not providing the finance for her trip and stay in the US and she has to make her own arrangements for the same. The little girl who takes care of her and her family by working hard while studying is unable to arrange the huge amount required for the trip. According to sources, she needs around 1.69 Lakhs for her trip and she has approached the Collector for the support.  

Jayalaxmi is alone who faces such roadblocks at every step, in our country talents has no much value and the challenge before she is not small. It will be a very inspiring story to know as to how she manages to meet up with this major challenge, meanwhile, if you have any such inspiring story please do share them with us and we will get it published on this portal.  

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