Living under the fear of getting harassed in this male-dominated society has become a way of life for women, and being a single mom makes her more vulnerable to such incidents. People forget that a single woman is not an opportunity but, she is a responsibility. What Aditi faced on the other day is a story of every woman who tried to be independent and wants to live the life in her own way.

Aditi being strong woman decided to fight back with the situation, and she called the police, the moment she found out that the guy was following her while she was coming home with her two kids in the nighttime.

Aditi posted her ordeal on her Facebook saying that she never felt so much unsafe in this dream city called for Mumbai for the past ten years. “In the last 10 years, I’ve always felt safe in Bombay, and in the same breath have always cursed Delhi! But last night showed me a different side to my ‘not so safe anymore’ city.”


The guy whom the Mumbai Police has finally put behind the bars was following Aiditi for the three long hours, and she was not aware of the same. But this stalker crossed all the limits and he reached her residence. He came down to her place and started ringing her doorbell at 2 am with no fear of getting caught in the security camera and interrogation by the security guards, says Aditi. 

Aditi further narrates that event after the security guard threatened him of calling the police this guy decided to hang around without any fear of police. “He was sitting in his car very comfortably as if nothing has happened at all and was very comfortable getting himself photographed,” says Aditi.

Aditi had decided to teach a good lesson to the stalker and she clicked the picture of the stalker and made it public on the social media platform with her ordeal. She also lodged a formal police complaint and Mumbai Police managed to nab the stalker within 12 hours and lodged him into the police custody.

The Mumbai police are doing the preliminary investigation into this case and they have also interrogated the culprit. “He will be produced before the magistrate for extending his police custody said the sources in the police.

The stalker may be punished as per the law but will that be sufficient enough? Will the Women ever feel safe in India’s biggest Metro and financial hub? which is known for being the safest place for women? Please do leave your valuable feedback on this most serious issue faced by our society today.


  1. I think its the responsibility of parents & schools to train them frm very beginning how to respect women instead of all bookish knowledge . & ofcourse our law has to be more strict. Once the law is strict & judgement is based on truth & facts ….& not on the money power or political power …. all the crimes will vanish off like how Arab countries are . None the less ..culture & parent plays a major role in upbringing of a child which moulds his character . I think now its the high time to remove the black strip from the eyes of judgemnt


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