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Mumbai Police Arrests Four Including Two Foreign Nationals For Fraudulently Obtaining The OCI Cards

Mumbai police have revealed that out of the 4 people involved in this crime two are foreign nationals of the
OCI Cards
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Frauds are happening all over the world. The pandemic has left people sitting idle only to think of such things. While some have used the pandemic to develop skills, while others have used this time to make mischievous plans. While this case is not only mischievous but also a fraud of a serious matter. 

The police have recently registered a case against 4 people for allegedly submitting the forged documents for obtaining an Overseas Citizen of India card in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Out of the 4 involved in this case, 2 have been identified as foreign nations from the United Kingdom and Canada. 

The police have also found out that the OCI Cards were issued to both these individuals back in 2019 but the case has come to their attention in July 2021. After which the case was filed at Azad Maidan police station on August 4.

According to the police officials, the UK national booked in the case has been identified as David John Lincoln, while the Canadian national is Daniel Harris Akler.

Lincoln had earlier claimed that he had married one Indian national Jyoti Vishe and had also submitted their marriage certificate and other documents at the BMC office as required on 11 November 2015. 

Akler also alleged that he married Shanti Naik and had even submitted documents to the BMC in December 2015. “On the basis of their documents, both of them were issued OCI cards in October 2019,” said an officer.

Earlier in June, the police officials had posted about it at the special branch department of the Mumbai police and came across David’s and Daniel’s documents only to find out that there is a major age gap between the two foreign nationals and their wives.

An investigator said, “No arrests have been made yet. We have called for more documents as in the OCI application they alleged that they are based in Sindhudurg. So we will cross verify everything following which we will send teams to apprehend them.”

The police inspector Sambhaji Samble, who is the main complainant in this case claimed that when the veracity of the marriage certificates was verified with the concerned department, it was found that both the marriages have not been registered in that office and even the original documents are not available for the 2 marriages. 

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