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Looking Forward To Working in The USA? Here is All You Need To Know!

The United States of America has always been – and continues to be – a major ‘go-to’ option for many

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The United States of America has always been – and continues to be – a major ‘go-to’ option for many who seek to get employed outside their home country of India. Moreover, the Indian community within the U.S. is also very large – almost 60% of the immigrants in America are Indo-American.

The United States continues to look towards the East – especially Indians – for major job positions and skills – that Indians are considered to be good at. The information technology hubs and software giants are swarmed by Indians – majority having earned their qualifications through Indian institutes but have migrated to the U.S. in search of better job opportunities. 

Getting a job in the U.S. isn’t always a smooth ride. It involves loads of processes and applications – which we have put forward below. 

The ideal first step of searching a job – maybe anywhere – is to be clear on what career path you want, and identify jobs that you wouldn’t be willing to take up. 

‘I’d take up any job’ is a very vague response. Being clear on your career path helps one identify a job opening that would be fit for you to apply. It is also very important to have an ‘open mind’. 

Before You Make Your First Move

When searching for a job in the U.S., one needs to keep in mind various aspects – probable salary, cost of living, expenses, stay, and other necessities. It is always advisable to build contacts first before going, who in turn can help you get familiarised with the ins and outs of living in big U.S. cities.

Where To Start? 

There are multiple online websites that enable you to upload your resumes and then search for jobs. However, the ideal and best approach one should try considering is to search for vacancies and companies personally themselves. This will help you identify probable vacancies and job types, which in turn will guide you to tailor your resume based on the employer’s needs.  

The Basic Requirements 

A very good professional qualification is a much-valued plus point for anyone applying for a job in the U.S. Most companies look for talented and highly skilled candidates. Indians have been much preferred for the engineering and software sectors, though medical experts such as doctors and nurses are also preferred. Indian medical degrees however are not accepted in the U.S. and one has to clear U.S. standard exams to practice there. 

The Process

Searching for the right job you want can be tiring. However, its always good to try at multiple places. Once you are able to find the right job, you need to look into the next stage – the visa process. 

The most common term when it comes to visas in the USA is the H1B Visa. This visa allows U.S. companies to temporarily employ workers from foreign countries in specialty work areas. These are mostly used by tech companies, as a recent report states that Qualcomm and Infosys received the maximum H1B visas in 2020.  

There are other visa categories based on which one can enter the U.S., however, the ultimate purpose of your travel will determine what type of visa you need. Besides the H1B – especially for occupations in fields of highly specialized knowledge, F and M type visas – student’s academic and vocational purposes – are also issued. Other types of visas that you wish to consider can be viewed here: Working Visas and All Visas

For any work visa that you apply under, it requires your prospective employer to first file a petition with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Then, during the process of applying for your visa, it is advised to check the procedures properly at the respective U.S. Embassy or Consulate you are applying from. 

After you fulfill all the criteria, and successfully attend your visa interview and are cleared to fly to the US, it is also advised to go through the legal rights and protections that you will have upon entering the U.S. Each type of visa holder’s rights will vary and it can be accessed from the consulate or any the Embassy’s website. 

There are multiple places where one can stay in the U.S, with multiple websites offering premises on rent. If you do know anyone living in the U.S, you can arrange a stay through them; or they can help you find a place to stay. Additionally, always look for a place somewhat in close proximity of your work, as you do not want to waste hours traveling to work. 

Also look into the terms and rental conditions of the home/place. Moreover, if you do happen to change homes and move in to a new place, consider it important to inform the same to the USCIS, 

If it is your first time in the U.S, one may face some difficulties in moving about through the local transport, but it’s the same process everywhere; you learn over time! 

So, we hope you get into your attire, head to work, and enjoy the American way of life!

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