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India Time Mail, an upcoming news media channel of India is an venture of the Goa Prism Digital Media having its base in Goa, the beautiful land of sun, sea and siesta. 

India Time Mail promotes the stories most relevant to the community in a fearless manner. The information placed here are authentic and supported by the relevant sources mentioned in each article. India Time Mail’s team works 24×7 to brings to you news and stories from every nook and corner of India.

The content is always fresh and highly informative. The main motto of India Time Mail is to bring up issues that are most relevant to the society which many times comes as surprise to you or even provokes you. The provocation never meant to generate negative energy but to fight back with the situation in a very positive manner. Some of our articles even inspire many of you while some stories make you feel sad, but that is what the life is all about. 

Our stories and news articles are highly liberal in nature, which at a time results in bringing us the threats but the true support of our readers and followers which are growing by the day keeps us going.

The Unbiased Stories

We do not encourage the biased stories in our news media as we are not attached to any government or political organisations. We always strive to bring the stories that are very close to the reality. Our stories run like a campaign and it gives our reader significant value for their time.

The Idea Is To Make World A Better Place To Live

The stories which are told in a blunt manner sometimes comes as a threat to many but at the same time, it makes the picture clear and also helps to educate the people. We believe that providing the true and meaningful content can help in to generate the positive thought process amongst the readers and it also keeps the society well informed about the good and bad.

We Are The Independent Media

Since we are not dependent on the Government organisations or any capitalists to generate the revenue, we are capable of voicing ourselves in a very independent manner. In the absence of the funds it is difficult for any media to function independently but at the same time being independent really helps us to raise our voice against the injustice of taking place in the society.

How Do We Pay Our Bills? 

We are independent and unbiased media and to sustain ourselves we have bootstrapped and generate the revenue through online ads and sponsored articles. But we do not mix the sponsored stories with the unbiased news and articles and we also make sure that the sponsored articles are not at the cost of your reading experience. All the sponsored contents are featured in the separate feature segments and not in the news section. 

Free From All The Biases

We are free from all the biases in the society. We do not support any religion since we believe that humanity is more important than any religion. We are not politically biased as we don’t belong to any political parties. We value the Freedom of Expression and Equal Rights.


Goa Prism Digital Media is Founded by Rajesh Ghadge and it currently has the crew of around dozens of like-minded people who joined the team and vision of the founder. Besides that our extended team also consists of all the vigilant citizens of India who believe in our work and keeps us supporting from time to time with the contents and other publication materials. Goa Prism Digital Media is the community and all the members of the community are the stakeholders of this company which is growing by the day.

About the Founder

Rajesh’s long journey began with an early realisation of his writing skills and nearly a superhuman power of vivid imagination; which together led to the birth of a successful media portal. His never ending spree of learning has made him efficient in varied fields like coding, designing and also marketing. He fuels himself with continuous reading being a history fanatic and bouts of music and movies. Acting like a one man army he prizes work over almost everything…


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