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I am the Kalki Avatar, and You Will Realise it Soon, Claims A 50-year-old Gujarat Based Government Servant

There are no boundaries for the craziness in this world, and the same has been proved by some of the
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There are no boundaries for the craziness in this world, and the same has been proved by some of the self-proclaimed Godmen as well as their crazy followers, but here one person has crossed all those limits and started calling himself the 10th Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, The Kalki Avatar. Here is the amusing story of this man with the so-called divine powers…      

It is never too late to gain attention. Gaining attention is like a big game for some, or at least it is for Mr. Ramesh Chandra Fefar, a 50-year-old government official from Gujarat. Since India being a very religious country, people are very keen to believe what Fefar has to say, ‘I realized that I am Kalki avatar of Vishnu when I was in my office in March 2010. Since then I am having divine powers”.

Hilarious does it sound when a random person stands up and claims he is God. One cannot judge or say what the actual truth is. As when it comes to the scientific thinking this could probably be the old man’s narcissistic behavior to gain attention in his old age. But if we are talking religiously, as per the people’s interpretation, the sudden thunder and rains these past few days could be a sign of his divinity circulating through the earth. This is just too bizarre to believe, but the ‘Kalki avatar claimed old man’ refuses to go to his office due to conducting ‘penance’ in the fifth dimension.

Wonder what this other dimension is like… Dear Ramesh Chandra are you conducting a ‘penance’ or creating a menace?  But he doesn’t want to answer that, instead, he goes on to say that he doesn’t care whether we believe him or not, because he is the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He also stated that he is going to prove it, but we don’t want a proof that sends pouring rain and damps our clothes. If he so calls himself Kalki, then probably he could do something for the corruptions going on or perhaps help the poor and unsheltered.

This is probably some secret plan to become famous and it is already happening, because he has gone viral on social media, just like the nuisance that took place two months ago regarding Priya Verrier’s seducing wink. Rameshchandra’s intentions are yet unknown. It could be a scam to sit at home and get the free pension or maybe he desires to start an ashram like Asaram Bapu and earn free cash. 

Fefar has visited his office only for 16 days past eight months. He puts the Sardar Sarovar Punarvasvat Agency on two minds, whether it is important for him to sit in an office and do his work or save and protect India from droughts by sending rains. But what is the need to send rains so early when it is May- the season of summer? People are quite annoyed by this on-going debate and are eager to see if what Rameshchandra claims to be is true.

Work has been pending, while Fefar’s colleagues and officers have tolerated this enough and can no longer relate to this kind of immaturity that has come over him. They have been suggested on sending Fefar to a rehabilitation home or for counseling in order to improve his mental health. Although there could be possibilities that those things told by Fefar were true, but in a world, like today it is really hard to say what can or cannot be true.  It depends on what each of us believes in.

Source: NDTV

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