The Headmaster of a School Gets 55 Year Jail Term For Sexually Abusing 22 Minors Girls

The Sexual abuse of children at school has become very common nowadays. The incidents of Peons and Bus Conductors getting involved into such activities have become old now, and now tales of Teachers, Directors, and Headmasters sexually abusing minor students have started appearing in the media nowadays. In one such horrifying incident, a school headmaster was convicted by the courts and sentenced to a 55-year jail term for sexually abusing 22 minor girls from his school.

According to the sources, a 55-year-old school headmaster of a Government School in Tamil Nadu was sentenced to 55 years of rigorous jail term for sexually abusing 22 minor girls from his school. The Serial Child Abuser who is also holding one of the highest post in the Pothumbu Government High School, situated in Pothumbu village near Madurai was found guilty by the court for sexually abusing around 22 minor girls but the sources have revealed that there are speculations that he’s suspected to have abused 91 boys and girls of the school. According to the sources, the monster headmaster used to sexually abuse kids, including both boys and girls till he was suspended.

the parent of a minor girl had alleged that the headmaster used to touch the breasts of the young girls and also make them touch him. He would undress the children and capture their images in his camera.

The accused was made the headmaster of a Government School in the year 2009 and continued to abuse the students till the year 2011 until he was finally suspended. The sources revealed that when the children used to resist his heinous acts, he would threaten them with the idea of failing them in their exams. Allegedly, school staff were aware of his acts but turned a blind eye to it.

The Headmaster was sexually abusing the minor students for almost three years (source)

According to the report published in The News Minute, The monster headmaster of a government school in Tamil Nadu had completely misused his most respectable position to prey upon the minor students, including girls and boys, for years. Those who resisted his advances have been threatened that they would be failed and others were subjected to the corporal punishment which is illegal. The report further says that the School staff, including a relative, who received numerous complaints over the years about the headmaster, however, chose to turn a blind eye to his crimes, to remain in a good book with him.   

How the Heinous Act of Headmaster Came into Light?

The first time things came to the light in the year 2011 when the parent of a 7-year-old girl had filed a case against the headmaster for sexually harassing his daughter. According to the reports, the parent of a minor girl had alleged that the headmaster used to touch the breasts of the young girls and also make them touch him. He would undress the children and capture their images in his camera. The mother of the girl had also alleged that the Headmaster’s niece was helping him in this heinous act and her daughter was afraid to even go to school.

In a country like ours, the people wait for the others to take an initiative, following the first complaint, many parents came forward with their stories, and within 10 days of the first complaint, the fact-finding committee was sent to the school. The source revealed that the committee reports shook the state. The facts had surfaced that the harasser had been abusing the minor children all these years and no-one came to know about it till date.

The report further claims that the accused Headmaster used to summon the children to his room and used to sexually abuse and click pictures of them. The abuse had been going on for three years and the monster would not even spare girls who had fallen sick and taken to the restroom. The sadist took such pleasure in abusing the girls, that in one instance, he assaulted a minor in front of her blind grandmother. The judge while giving the judgment had acquitted the teachers, C Amali Rose, Shanmuga Kumaraswamy, and Victor who were charged with accompanying the headmaster in the crime. The teachers allegedly used to tell kids to adjust whenever they complained.

The Landmark Judgement

The Madurai Court on Tuesday passed one of the landmark judgment in this case by sentencing the accused S A Arockiasamy to 55-year rigorous imprisonment for sexually abusing 22 girl students including the Dalit children. He was also ordered to pay a fine of Rs 12,32,500 which would be distributed among the 22 girl students. He was found guilty under Section 354 (outraging the modesty of women), Section 506 (criminal intimidation) of the IPC and under various Sections of the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989, and the Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Harassment of Women Act, 1998.

According to the reports, besides serving the 55-year sentence he will also have to serve the term of additional five years as ordered by the third judge R Shanmugasundaram of additional distinct court. The judgment says that Arockiasamy to serve for five years each for sexually abusing five children belonging to Scheduled Caste under the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.         

He also got two years each for abusing 15 other students. The 25 years in the first part of the sentence and the 30 years will run consecutively. “For a special court for cases of atrocities against Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, giving 50plus years of imprisonment to a convict and making the convict pay fine to his victims is a first in the country,” said a beaming public prosecutor P Parimaladevi to the media.


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