Strange!!! Two Men Share Single PAN Card for 11 Years and No-one Noticed it

India is the place of wonders and anything is possible here. People with no education can become an Education Minister here and Criminals Hold the Portfolio of Home Ministry, under such condition anything is possible. Here we are going to tell you the story of two men holding the same PAN (Permanent Account Number) for almost 11 years and no-one ever noticed it…

According to the report published by the Financial Express, the news of two PAN card surfaced due to the confusion in filing Income Tax Return. Lachhman Singh from Punjab said, “I did not file my income tax return this year, but Laxman from Delhi filed his return with the same PAN.” Another bigger confusion that came to the light is, apart from PAN, the two men even share the same date of birth also and father’s name Both men were born in April 1962.

The sources have revealed that both the PAN card holders were filing they’re IT returns on Time for the past 11 years but, despite this, it remained unseen by the Income Tax Department Authorities for more than a decade is highly shocking said the sources.

Lachhman Singh is working as a peon at Akal Degree College in Panjab while Laxman Singh, a soldier in Delhi shared the same Permanent Account Number (PAN). Laxman Singh, the peon was issued his PAN in 2003, while the soldier Laxman Singh was issued his PAN in 2006. The 55-years-old Lachhman Singh came to know about the details when he failed to file his taxes this year. Other than PAN, the two men even share the same date of birth also. Both men were born in April 1962. Another bizarre commonality is that they share the same father’s name as well – Ram Singh.          

According to the reports published in Hindustan Times, Lachhman Singh said, “I did not file my income tax return this year, but Laxman from Delhi filed his return with the same PAN.” He added, “I approached the local office of the income tax department. Officials there gave up. I was told to solve the problem on my own.” Laxman Singh from Delhi said, “It was only when the man from Punjab called me up and narrated the story, that I realized the confusion.”

Since all the details of the PAN card get digitally stored in the system, the same PAN getting issued to another person is not possible. Meanwhile the man from Panjab had already filed an application with the IT department in Sangrur Punjab on October 9, informing them about the situation but, he has not yet received any reply from the tax officials yet, and when the media contacted the joint director of the income tax department, Rajdeep Singh in Chandigarh he said, “When we receive their applications on the matter, we will inquire into it. The current PAN will be issued to the one who had applied first.”

Another strange thing here is, according to the reports there are around 33 crore PAN cards and around 115 crore AADHAR cards has been issued by the government and now the government wants all the AADHAR cards to get linked with PAN Cards and as per the record only 13.28 crore PAN cards have been linked to their AADHAR. How 115 crore people most of them don’t have the PAN card will link their AADHAR, no one knows right now.         

The government had made the PAN-Aadhaar linking mandatory for filing ITR (Income Tax Return) and obtaining a new PAN from July 31. However, the government on December 8 extended the deadline for linking PAN with Aadhaar by three more months to March 31 next year. With this, the last date for mandatory linking has now been extended thrice from the original date of July 31 this year.


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