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Delhi’s Anaj Mandi Fire Claims 43 Innocent Lives, Owner of the Factory Absconding, Political Leaders Announce Compensation to Victims Families

The factory owner is the first target of the Delhi police in the Anaj Mandi fire case in which around
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The factory owner is the first target of the Delhi police in the Anaj Mandi fire case in which around 43 laborers burnt alive and many have injured seriously. The question here is if alone the factory owner is responsible for this?? What about the authorities who suppose to keep the check on the factory to make sure that it is equipped with necessary fire safety material and also check the legalities with the factory owner who was running the business of manufacturing illegally. Now that the innocent poor people have died, all the politicians including the CM of Delhi wants to wash their hands by giving the compensation of few lakhs to the families of victims??

This is Mr. Modi’s New India or we say Digital India or Mr Kejriwal’s so called non corrupt administration in Delhi that does not have the provision of safety in illegal factories like this cause authorities takes bribes? Factories such as this runs illegally across the country and it is only when the tragedy strikes, these politicians and ministers comes ahead to distribute the tax payers money to the victims.

How this incident reported by the Mainstream Media?

Most of the mainstream media reported this incident by blaming the factory owner who was supposedly running the business illegally, and presently he is absconding. But how he was running the business illegally that too in such a crowded area where a fire can lead to kill 45 innocent laborers.

Fire Tenders Had Difficulties to get to location due to narrow roads

In one of the worst fire accidents in the city, 43 people were killed after a massive blaze ripped through a four-storey building housing illegal manufacturing units in north Delhi’s Anaj Mandi area on Sunday morning. A preliminary probe suggested that short circuit triggered the blaze, the building neither had safety equipment nor had fire clearance from Delhi Fire Service, claims the report published in the national daily.

This is not first incident of the tragedy in the capital city, the people have not forgotten the incident of Uphaar Cinema Tragedy which claimed 59 lives and left over hundred injured in the capital city of India.

The Incident of this Tragedy Could Have been Avoided if!

This incident could have be avoided if the authorities have done proper and timely check on the so called Illegal Factory. According to the reports, the fireman had to cut the window grills to access the building, you can images the state of the place.

What Next?

Now the Delhi Mayor (North) Avtar Singh has asked the Municipal commissioner to form a team to probe into the matter, and meanwhile the Delhi Police have registered the case against the factory owner who is absconding.

Rehan (in pic), the owner of the building where a fire broke out earlier today, claiming lives of 43 people. A case has been registered under section 304 of Indian Penal Code against him and he is currently absconding. #DelhiFire ANI

The rescue Operation

According to the reports, the entire rescue operation could have been more easier if the excess to the location could have been little more easier. Firemen made their way through the narrow lane and carried the unconscious labourers on their back. Fire officials said the narrow lanes made it difficult for them to carry out rescue operations. As the building lacked proper ventilation, most of the people died due to asphyxia.

The whole operation is in mess as there are no records of who is admitted into which hospital. Manoj (23), a resident of Begusarai in Bihar, said his brother Naveen (18) was working in a handbag manufacturing unit operating from the premises. “I got a call from his friend informing that he has been injured in the incident. I have no clue which hospital he has been taken to,” he said.

The Conclusion

Now all the political parties wound start the blame game while the CM of Delhi telling the people that he will deal with the culprits with iron fist but he forgot to mention as what he was doing for the so long when the illegalities were going on under the nose of his administration.

Please do share your opinion on this story as we strive to bring the transparency in the report by analyzing the exiting condition and facts behind the incident.

Source: Various Sources

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