Now AADHAR Number For The Cow Too, 40 Million Cows to Get AADHAR Like Number In The First Phase, Spending 50 Crores from Government Treasury

In our country where the Cow is worshiped like a God, the existing government is doing everything possible to protect the interest of Cows and in that direction the government has already banned cow slaughtering in many states of India and Now they are going to allocate the AADHAR like number to around 40 million cows for which the government has made a provision of whopping 200 crore rupees…

The money will be spent also spent on the artificial insemination besides the AADHAR like number allotment for the 40 million cows in the country in the first phase. “About Rs 200 crore has been set aside for an artificial insemination drive to improve cattle breeds, with an aim to “upgrade” the nation’s entire cattle population,” said the sources adding that “Just like the 12-digit Aadhaar number for every Indian, the Narendra Modi government has decided to assign each of the country’s milk-producing cows a cheap, unique identity card or UID.”

According to the sources, Scheme has been named as Pashu Sanjivini under which the Agricultural Ministry will implement this program. The department has already acquired the UID technology that comes with a cheap, tamper-proof polyurethane tag containing the cow’s biological details such as breed, age, sex, height and special body marks. Each card will cost between Rs 8 and Rs 10. said the dairy department official on the condition of anonymity.             

In a budget speech seen as pro-poor, finance minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday announced a Fisheries and Aquaculture Infrastructure Development Fund and an Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Development Fund worth Rs10,000 crore. About Rs200 crore has been set aside for an artificial insemination drive to improve cattle breeds, with an aim to “upgrade” the nation’s entire cattle population.           

For artificial insemination, the output target is 1.50 million sex-sorted doses to “increase availability of high genetic merit heifers”. A heifer is a cow that has not borne a calf. The overall outcome spelt out by the budget are jobs for 100,000 people, 15% increase in artificial insemination and a Rs 15,000-crore jump of value in milk output.      

In 2015, a government committee had recommended UID for cows to prevent trafficking following a Supreme Court direction that heard a plea to stop cattle smuggling. According to the 2015 expert committee’s recommendations, owners of cattle will be responsible for registration. “Registration proof must be maintained by the owner of the cattle which may be transferred to the next owner in case a legitimate sale/transfer takes place,” it had stated.


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