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Baba Ramdev Challenges WhatsApp By Launching ‘KIMBHO’ APP, But Google Store Removes The APP Within Few Hours of Its Launch

Baba Ramdev who started the Patanjali Venture to challenge foreign companies have finally decided to launch an APP to challenge
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Baba Ramdev who started the Patanjali Venture to challenge foreign companies have finally decided to launch an APP to challenge the WhatsApp, but to his surprise, the Google Store brought down the APP within few hours of its launch. What was the reason behind it? and What other plans Ramdev Baba Has in his mind? Let’s take a look at this piece of article…   

Patanjali Cosmetics, Patanjali food products, Patanjali medicines and Patanjali Sim card ‘Simriddhi’ (just a few days ago) have all become the highest gross discussion in 2018. The nationwide worshipped yogi has conquered India and kept it on his palm when he introduced Patanjali Ayurveda. A lot of people have been brainwashed by the company and managed to build a huge consumer base in India.   

It has become a trend in our country to believe in anyone who claims to be Holy (Saint) or the one who promotes health and fitness. This is because maybe, we tend to put our faith in everything that will make us look better and feel better, following orders and beliefs like a little puppy dog. If you have watched the Bollywood film PK or OMG, then you know exactly what this point is about.

A recent news from ‘the Quint claimed that ‘Kimbho’ chat app launched by the Patanjali company have been mysteriously disappeared from Google Play store”. Why? How? Where? Was Kimbho kicked out of Google, did it feel insecure among all the popular apps -messenger, Imo, Whatsapp…? It is really hilarious that the App which was just newly launched on the play store on Wednesday has vanished into nowhere. People who tried downloading the Kimbho claimed that they couldn’t find the App. The cyber media research itself stated that it will not be easy for Kimbho to create a space dominated by Whatsapp for just on being ‘Swadeshi’.

As per ‘The Quint’, the description that was given on the iOS App store proclaimed it to be an app with dozens of amazing features. But Just 5k installations were revealed and within only 24 hours of its launching, the reviews were negative. The sim card introduction was successful because of Patanjali’s tie-up with BSNL. But an App like Kimbho wouldn’t make it to the best since already it has been visualized as an App filled problems.

It is surprising to see that one brand take over everything and not have one specific niche. Yes, we do understand food items; we also understand medicines and cosmetic products; they rightly stand for the brand Patanjali because of being nutritional, herbal and has health concerns according to Ramdev’s teachings. But when ‘what a brand stands for’ moved to an entirely different angle of its production in Sim cards and the App; then where is the USP? Is it an ethical marketing practice?  So basically, according to tweets and reviews, Patanjali preaches about healthy and nature-friendly lifestyle but launches and promotes technological products for money.

The Brand has so much so gone to even begin production of clothing in 2019, Ramdev baba himself declares, “Patanjali will soon get into garment and textile market and break the stronghold of foreign manufacturers, it will make everything from underwear to ethnic and sportswear soon”. As per sources, this great yogi’s main aim is to try Indians getting used to only Indian products and forget the foreign ones.

The statement does have a good intention that we should use products from our own land but We clearly know that though very traditional, our culture has the influence of foreign hegemony; we all fancy foreign apparels, accessories, and lifestyle. Now if Kimbho is supposed to be re-launched we better hope it is without bugs and issues, otherwise, it will be the bug of the year.


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