Machines are replacing most of the work done by us and slowly taking over the human race. From automated factories to the household, machines are ruling all over. The inventions of robots have resulted in posing the challenge to the human race. Except for the emotions and senses are a concern, the robots can do anything. Here is the latest report published by the PTI which claims that a Robot journalist has made its debut in the Chinese daily. According to the sources, the said robot journalist had made a 300 character long article in just a few seconds.

This news may come as surprise to many but it is the fact that robots are about to take over the area of journalism and it’s beginning has already initiated at China. According to the scientist, The article, published in the Guangzhou-based Southern Metropolis Daily in China, focused on the Spring Festival travel rush. The sources have reported that its (ROBOT) author Xiao Nan, took only a few seconds to finish wiring a piece of article. The robot Xiao, is capable of writing both short stories and long reports, said Mr. Wan Xiaojun, who is the professor at Peking University and leading the team of scientists who are developing such robots.

According to Mr. Wan, the robot journalist has a stronger capacity for analyzing the data.  ”When compared with the staff reporters, Xiao Nan has a stronger data analysis capacity and is quicker at writing stories,” he said. “But it does not mean intelligent robots will soon be able to completely replace reporters,” Xiaojun was quoted as saying by ‘China Daily’.

When this kind of developments takes place, it is very much obvious that the staff of the organization does not feel good, since it amounts to the development of the insecurity amongst them and the same results into developing negative feelings. According to the sources, something similar had happened in this case too. The staff of the newspaper has started feeling uneasy due to the fear of losing their jobs.

According to the sources, although the robots have already started the news reporting and that too in friction of the time but they are still not in a position to conduct the face to face interviews. The reason behind this is very simple, the machines are not capable of responding back. “At present, robots are unable to conduct face-to-face interviews, cannot respond intuitively with follow-up questions and do not have the ability to select the news angle from an interview or conversation, Xiaojun said. “But robots will be able to act as a supplement, helping newspapers and related media, as well as editors and reporters,” he added.



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