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He Left A Well Paid Job In America, and Now Doing The Business of Farming in His Village in India

How many people let go the well-settled life in America, and come down to India, to do the work of
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How many people let go the well-settled life in America, and come down to India, to do the work of farming? The story of Abhishek you are about to read here will change your entire perception. This man decided to give up his American Dream and came down to India to the Goat Farming and today he is earning in lakhs…


Every success story is backed up by the passion and dedication, and the story of Abhishek Bharad is no different. Abhishek had a very well settled career in the United States of America but he decided to quit that and started the business of a farming in his village in India. Today when most of the youngsters leave the country just to be in America to have well-paid jobs, this young man had decided swim against the current.

Dr. Abhishek Bharad who was working as the scientist in America belongs to a small district of Maharashtra called Buldhana, where he started his business of a Goat Farming which is fetching him millions of rupees. According to the reports, Abhishek had completed his Graduation (BSC) from Panjabrao Deshmukh Agricultural College in Maharashtra and later he migrated to the USA to complete his masters from Luciana State University, where he also completed his Ph.D. before joining the post of the scientist in the US itself.   


But, Dr. Abhishek was not happy with his achievement is the US, and within 2 years time he quit the well-paid job and returned back to India. Soon after coming to his village, he deiced to start the business of Goat Farming. Abhishek started his Agri-Business with 120 Goats which doubled within a short span of time and according to the media reports, today Abhishek has more than 350 Goats on his farm.

Abhishek has specially cultivated the crops of maize and pearl millet to feed the animals, his idea is to make sure that the Goat gets the quality feeds so that their growth does not get hampered. According to the reports, Abhishek sells one Goat for as much as Rs. 10,000 and he made approximately 10 lakh rupees per month by selling the Goats.


Dr. Abhishek is not stopping here, and he has decided to make the villagers educated so that they also learn the importance of farming in a scientific way. This story teach us one thing, that first you have to be that change, which you expect from the society. Today all the so-called educated people want to have the organic food in their diet. Organic Eggs, Organic Fish, Organic Meat and Organically grown vegetables are in very high demand from across the world but, there are very few, who takes up the Agriculture as their career.

What is your opinion on this story? Do you agree that the new generation with proper education is capable of taking up the Agri-Business? Please share your valuable comments on this story at the bottom in the comments box.



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