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Best Cricket Podcasts in India

If you’re a cricket fan and if you can’t get enough of the sport, you should consider tuning in to

Cricket Podcast in India
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If you’re a cricket fan and if you can’t get enough of the sport, you should consider tuning in to one of the many cricket podcasts available in India. Not sure what a podcast is? A podcast is, in essence, a pre-recorded radio show that you can listen to on-demand. This means you can go to any podcast website and listen to your favorite shows whenever you want.

By listening to podcasts, cricket lovers can listen to all the latest cricket news and updates, along with analysis, commentary, rumors and much more. 

In this article, we will share with you a list of some of the best cricket podcasts in India that you simply MUST check out. 

“22 Yarns” with Gaurav Kapoor

Popular cricket host, Gaurav Kapoor has initiated a complete podcast series dedicated to cricket. The podcast is available on Spotify and is recorded in English. 

Kapoor regularly invites a wide variety of cricket journalists, analysts, players, and retired cricket greats into his studio 

Listeners are in for a treat as Gaurav Kapoor shares stories, laughs, and anecdotes from the pitch and from the everyday life of some of the biggest names in Indian and international cricket alike.

“The Cricketer” Podcast

Popular cricket information website, the Cricketer has launched a podcast series that provides weekly insight into the world of cricket. The podcast is available on the Cricketer website and is hosted by Simon Hughes and Simon Mann. 

The podcast features opinions, comments, analysis of cricket matches, and interviews with international cricketers. It podcast has gained immense popularity due to its highly informative content. 

The podcast is mostly focused on English and international cricket, but other tournaments such as the IPL are also covered extensively as they are being played?

“Let’s Talk Cricket” Podcast

Google Podcasts are home to many interesting crowdsourced podcasts. “Let’s Talk Cricket” is an example of a crowdsourced podcast that is focused on Indian cricket.

The podcast is run by a group of cricket enthusiasts living in the USA and Canada who are extremely passionate about Indian cricket. The makers focus on bringing an unseen and unspoken aspect of cricket analysis to the table.

“Let’s Talk Cricket” is definitely one of the most entertaining and engaging takes on Indian cricket commentary that you’ll find!

“Cricket Unfiltered” Podcast

Cricket Unfiltered is an international podcast for cricket lovers. The podcast comprises in-depth analyses, along with cricket discussions and debates from a team of seasoned cricket journalists with a piece of deep knowledge and love for the sport. 

The podcast has been live since 2013 and listeners are kept busy with 6 podcasts a week, which also makes “Cricket Unfiltered” one of the most productive podcasts on our list. 

The podcast is available on and has made it to the nominations list for popular podcast awards. 

“Cricket Betting” Podcast

If you’re interested in the betting aspect of cricket, then there’s a special podcast just for you. The aptly named “Cricket Betting” podcast focuses on cricket match predictions which help cricket betting enthusiasts place winning bets.

Regular followers of the cricket betting podcast will testify to the fact that the two hosts, Rohit and Ben, often make very accurate predictions. This is one of the main reasons why the podcast has a huge following which grows larger month by month.

Alternatively, Indians looking for cricket betting-related content can also check out where they can find all the necessary info to start betting online.

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