Government Approves world’s largest food security scheme, a Ration Subsidy for 80 Crore People of India

While India is facing a treat of Coronavirus and the entire nation is under lockdown, the Modi government announces the world’s largest food security scheme for Indian by assuring the ration subsidy for 80 crore people of India. Every person will get 7 kg ration per month for the next three months, including wheat at a cost of Rs 2 per kg, instead of Rs 27 per kg; and rice at cost of Rs 3 per kg, instead of Rs 37 per kg.

The Prime Minister also assured that there is enough stock available in the country to feed 80 crore, people, for the next couple of months.   

Immediately after the announcement of 21 days lockdown, grocery stores in the country saw a burst of buyers rushing to gather enough grocery items to keep their household running in the lockdown. On delivery businesses, he said that it is unfortunate that delivery agents are harassed at some places, but such cases are very few in number.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs  (CCEA) has approved the recapitalization of regional rural banks with Rs 1340 crores, to improve their capital adequacy ratio. While Rs 670 crores will be given by the center, Rs 670 crore will be collected from different banks.  from the central government.

In another major announcement, the center and state tax subsidy will continue for apparel export. In an earlier announcement made by the government, the contractual workers of the government will be paid full salary, irrespective of the disruption caused by the coronavirus scare. 

India is not having many cases at the moment and the lockdown will further reduce the chances of community spreading but the 21 days lockdown will severely affect the poor and lower-income group.

Although the government had made the announcement of subsidy ration but how far it will reach the beneficiaries it the big question mark. What is your take on this? 

Source: Financial Express 

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