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Two College Girls Stealing Mobile Phones To Satisfy ‘A Boyfriend’ Have been Caught by the Police

There is a Limit one can go to satisfy its partner, and here, in this case, these two college girls
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There is a Limit one can go to satisfy its partner, and here, in this case, these two college girls took extreme measures to keep happy ‘A Boyfriend’ by stealing the 38 high-end mobile phones, the more surprising thing here is, these girls are educated and perhaps from the well to do family. Here is what happened…     

It is true that money and relationships makes people go crazy, specially the youth. In today’s world, people try the shortcut method for making money. They don’t want to earn it by working hard, but instead only create problems for other innocent people. An example of such a case has recently occurred in Mumbai.

Over the past two months in Mumbai, there were several phone theft complaints that were registered in between Borivali station to Santa Cruz station. Most of the thefts occurred in the woman’s compartment. In order to find out about the constantly filed in complaints, a team was formed. As per TOI, on May 30th, few women police officers boarded the train in civil clothes for inspection. To their horror, Twinkle Soni the thief was caught red-handed and it was found out that she was a 20-year-old architectural student. After accusing her, she opened up and more information was gathered which ended up in catching her partner in crime Tinal Parmar, a 19-year-old college student in the first year.

The two girls have allegedly been accused of stealing 38 phones and 30 memory cards in the past two months. There were nine phones that were recovered from Soni’s bag. After a while, the girls admitted that they had been doing all this for their boyfriend namely Hrishi Singh. According to sources, the girls were allegedly dating him and would meet him every evening to help sell the stolen pieces.

According to ‘news Tread’, Soni was caught at 1 pm in the action of stealing from a daily commuter’s bag. It has also been found that Singh has been involved in few other cases as well. A man named Rahul Rajpurohit was also accused and arrested for being involved in the phone theft case since he had purchased the pieces from them worth over 3 lakhs.

It is really substandard for bringing love on such low manipulative level as well the ways of playing games with easy money making. Although, it has not been revealed what the two girl’s intention was behind it, whether they were forced to do this by Singh or whether they did it in the name of love.  The girls are currently under police custody until 8th June. Nothing of their family has been brought to the picture. But it is really shameful to find such highly educated people indulging in nuisance crime. After all, teenage is also a fragile stage and youth tend to believe everything really fast. They are ready to do anything for any opposite sex who comes and claims to be in love with them. It is the parent’s duty to warn their children against such dangers. It is also necessary that adequate amount of love and attention should be provided so that the youngsters avoid going after wrong things for gaining attention.


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