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Pickpocket Millionaire who Robbed Train Passengers found living in Posh Apartment

There are many stories of robbers and beggars who lived with hundreds of thousands of rupees in their accounts and
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There are many stories of robbers and beggars who lived with hundreds of thousands of rupees in their accounts and some of them died as beggars leaving huge bank balances, but perhaps none of them enjoyed the death they accumulated by begging or robbing the way this pickpocket did. Here is the strange story of a pickpocket who was caught by the police living in a posh apartment with a big bank balance and a lot of cash in hand.

How difficult or easy to rob and beg is an issue of controversy but the money that is being made from either of this way is not worth it. The pickpockets robbing people in the trains in common in our country as most of these trains are old styled with no CCTV cameras and packed with the passengers.

According to the report published by The News Minute, Hyderabad police caught hold of a pickpocket who was robbing the passengers in the local trains. A notorious inter-state pickpocket, who was allegedly involved in over 400 cases since 2004 and had 36 cases against him this year alone, was arrested in Hyderabad on Tuesday by Government Railway Police and RPF.

The passengers lodging police complaints of losing valuables in train (Source)

You will be shocked to know that this pickpocket lives in a posh apartment in Hyderabad and he had admitted his daughter and son into the posh school whose feel alone comes out to be Rs. 2 Lakhs each.

According to the reports, police recovered 668 grams of Gold and Rs 13.53 lakh in cash was recovered from him, the GRP said in a release. Upon investigation, officials were surprised at the wealth accumulated by the accused, identified as Thander Singh Kushva.

The High Lifestyle of a Pickpocket

The sources revealed that the accused was lives in a rented apartment in a posh locality of Hyderabad’s Chandnagar area and pays Rs. 30,000 a month and he had also got his daughter and son admitted in a posh international school in the city, paying an annual fee of Rs 2 lakh each, officials said.

The Journey of the Pickpocket

The police sources also revealed that the accused Thunder Singh Kushva who originally hails from the Uttar Pradesh had shifted to Pune in the year 2004 and since then he was engaged into the trade of robbing people.

The Graph Wealth Accumulated by the Pickpocket (Source

He used to operate on the Pune-Secunderabad sector and stole the cash and jewellery worth Rs. 2 cores from the passengers during the period from 2004 to 2019. This Estimation provided by the accused to the police which can be the friction of what he might have robbed ion all this while.

The sources have said that he used to invest his robbed wealth into the real estate such as plots. Investigation officials said that he had been arrested on several occasions in the past and released, whereupon he again used to take to his profession.   

According to The Times of India reports, the accused would either buy a reserved or an unreserved ticket and board a train, following which he would strike unsuspecting passengers, making off with cash and valuables worth at least Rs 20,000 on each trip. He used to make around eight such trips per month and had not been arrested since 2015, officials said.    

Apart from pickpocketing, he has also gambled and invested in the satta market and cricket betting. According to GRP, he lives in a high-end apartment in Chandanagar area and shifted there in 2016. The annual fee of each of his two children is Rs 2 lakh.    

Singh was also reportedly an accused, in a robbery case in Vikarabad, earlier this year. The accused was presented in front of a local court and sent to judicial custody.

Sources: The News Minute | Times of India

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