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India Expected To Have 6 Lakh Cases Daily If The Vaccination Rate Remains Low

Vaccination is the only solution to remain safe from the third wave, low vaccination will only increase the risk of
India Expected To Have 6 Lakh Cases Daily If The Vaccination Rate Remains Low
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At the rate which the second wave of the coronavirus cases increased in April-May, it’s clear that the third wave might be more deadlier than ever. Experts suggest that India might see 6,00,000 cases daily in the upcoming wave.

It has come to be a strong prediction. Even though cases are under control presently, this won’t be the case in the third wave. A major reason for the rise in cases is the rate at which the vaccination done in India. 

If the pace of vaccination remains the same, then the 6lakh mark would surely arrive.

Experts and doctors suggest that if we fasten the process of vaccination, then there are chances of controlling the cases in the next wave. The latest report has revealed that only around 7.6 per cent of people are fully vaccinated from covid-19.

The scare that we are seeing in the USA is causing major anxiety issues in India as the trend of covid-19 in India has been quite similar to that of the USA. 

The third wave is likely to hit India any time between September-October and hence everyone should already start preparing for it, especially the Health Sector for children, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has predicted.

The emergence of a third wave could be significantly challenged by expanding vaccination but only around 7.6 per cent (10.4 crores) are fully vaccinated in the country till date. 

According to the study done by professors and alumni from Pandit Deendayal Energy University (PDEU) in collaboration with Nirma University, the vaccination rate of India is currently 3.2 per cent which if does not improve, India can witness 6 lakh cases per day in the next (third) wave,

During the months of April and May, at the time of the second wave, according to the official reports, India saw a peak of 4 lakh cases, amid a large number of deaths. 

A lot of people lost their loved ones during this wave as they struggled to get to hospitals and because of the lack of medical oxygen and healthcare facilities. A lot of opposition parties also brought this to notice.

“Leading experts have repeatedly warned of an imminent third Covid-19 wave in India. Epidemiologists predict a series of surges till we achieve herd immunity through infection or vaccination and the disease becomes endemic,” the report said.

“Also, the existing paediatric healthcare facilities are not robust enough to treat children on a large scale. Epidemics have the maximum impact on a country’s future”

Vaccination for children should be India’s next priority at this time because they are the ones who are most prone to this virus. No vaccination under the age of 18 is going to cause a big problem to the Healthcare Sector of India. 

According to a previous report, it was proposed then that if 67 per cent of the population in India became immune (a few by infection and rest through vaccination), it could achieve herd immunity.

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