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Mission Sai : ‘The Perfect Paradise of Anil and Tamela’

Apart from our busy lifestyle, how many of us have heard about Mission Sai (Save animals initiative)? Let us explore
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Apart from our busy lifestyle, how many of us have heard about Mission Sai (Save animals initiative)? Let us explore the in-depth details of the Mission Sai and the secret of Anil and Tamela- the couple who travelled from the US to settle in India.


India is one of the largest populated countries in Asia. The vast population has crowded cities and towns with less space and extremely polluted areas. It is funny how people thrived to move into the urbanized areas once upon a time. Today, we just crave to live by the countryside, get lost in those grass bed lanes, have a walk at dawn and relax in the cool breeze of the night. That paradise has been lost forever. We are accustomed to our technological lifestyle and are submerged in our busy daily routine, that we forget looking after our health, happiness and contentment.

Scientific Explanations: the evolution of Man


What is the reason behind the growth of such population and pollution? Keeping theology aside, let’s take a few science lessons.

At the beginning of time, 4.54 billions of years ago i.e. approximately one third the age of the universe the Earth we will live on was formed. The volcanic outgassing created the atmosphere and the oceans. From here onwards we know the process, the formation of the ozone layer and different spheres, slowly the evolution of man and the discovery of different continents.

So where was the blunder here? That’s right man! The evolution of man!



When man began to walk on two feet instead of four he created the fire and then built the wheel, then the steam engine, then the computer and finally the mobile phones. No one keeps us away from using the marvellous creations of man. But to produce these goods the built up factories, engines and large industries led to the smog, cancerous skin from depletion of the ozone layer, global warming and other disasters. Along with the already existing abnormalities, we add our pollution through uncivilized waste disposal.



Coming to the point of population, let’s think twice. We live in India, a developing country. Here, birth rates are high due to illiteracy and poverty, while the death rates are low because of developing science and technology in the country. The imbalanced birth and death rates make our country overpopulated. Thus suggesting the reason behind the cramming population, who then cause a tremendous pollution!

The Story of Anil and Tamela Malhotra:


Yes, our country does need a blessing amidst all the problematic conditions. Does it feel like escaping the crowded cities? Don’t fret, there is one place you will find a peaceful co-existence. Only, you are not fortunate enough to live there.

That’s right! This place has been kept a secret for ages, imagine if we all had to escape and live there, it would end up in the same condition as the rest of Indian cities. But surely, you can enjoy a piece of cake from what Anil and Tamela have to share.

In the district of Kodagu in Karnataka, lays an alluring wildlife sanctuary. It has been preserved and safe with the hard work of a determined couple Anil and Tamela Malhotra. In the year 1986, the couple came to India from the US and to their surprise they were quite disturbed by what they saw. The entire barren land was deforested. They loved connecting to nature but looking at the situation, it really hurt them.

The beautiful place was once an empty distorted land, and today it is a massive forested heavenly garden.  Tamela and Anil took an oath to protect the forests of India and began the adventurous journey.

In a television interview, Anil said, “When I first came to India, I noticed that all the trees were cut down and wall to wall houses was built. We had to do something about it because if nothing is done the water will dry up. This would cause drought in India.”

The United Nations survey on ‘History TV’ show that from the year 1990 to 2015 around 12,90,00 of forest area has been cut down in order to build homes for the increasing population.  The Malhotra couple decided to set a mission which they called ‘Mission Sai’. The couple sold their plot in the US and utilized the money to buy a barren wasteland in Brahmagiri. This is where they started the development of the fine wildlife sanctuary. The first step had begun with just 50 acres of land but today nearly 300 acres of land has been converted into the wildlife sanctuary.

Mission Sai:


Tamela explains the process of reforestation saying that it is important to understand nature first. “In order to help the forest growth one must learn from Mother-nature herself.  Then you can take those native trees that she herself planted in those areas and use those saplings to restore an area”. What she actually meant is that there is no need to dig up and put the seeds and the long process, but just leave it as it is and let it flourish and grow. The only thing we need to do is avoid destructing the nature.


The next process after the flourished land was to create a sanctuary and assemble different species of birds and animals. The involvement of the wildlife in the sanctuary naturally helps the process of the food chain, forestation and the living organism cycle. In this way, the animals are able to roam freely without being hunted and the food chain can be well processed from carnivorous and omnivorous.


Gradually, after the success of the Mission Sai, it was noted that even though some areas of Karnataka would go dry, there was never a shortage of water because of the epic developed Sai Wildlife sanctuary. Today, the Sai Wildlife Sanctuary has more than 300 species of birds and animals. Sadly, it’s been taught to us throughout our childhood that nature aids us, but what we keep forgetting is that nature needs assistance too. We need to give back to Mother Nature as much as we take away. In this way, a sustainable co-existence will help our future generations and all can lead a healthy lifestyle; away from population and pollution.

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