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Selfie Fever – Is a Selfie Worth more Than the life?

A shocking incident came to light- a man’s stupidity and inhumanity was shown through a selfie image which has gone
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A shocking incident came to light- a man’s stupidity and inhumanity was shown through a selfie image which has gone viral on media.  On Tuesday afternoon, 10th July, while an accident had taken place in Barmer, Rajasthan with three men lying on the ground, a man was seen taking a selfie with the victims’ bodies than helping them or calling for an ambulance.

The man who took the selfie has been severely criticized on the social media for not helping the victims. This is not a new fact, previously there have been similar cases and it happens all the time.

According to ‘India’, in the picture, several other onlookers are also present at the accident spot, but no one offered help to the victims. Reportedly, police said that if the onlookers helped the victims on time, they would have survived.

One among the three injured men was already dead, while the rest were lying on the ground, writhing in pain and bleeding profusely as they begged for help. Dishearten to inform, but the public just stood there watching the men, some clicking videos and some selfies, but none offered help.

According to ABC, Photos are circulating on social media and the Indian press show the people taking selfies as the injured men lay sprawled in pools of blood on the road.

The fact that people are take videos and images instead of informing the police or helping the victims has become common obsessive behaviour today. There are instances where for the sake of more views and shares on their account people have captured stills and videos of terrible accidents and suicides. This is also being done among people who compete to be the first in sharing these captures on social media.

Sources have said that taking images or videos may be okay to some extent as it spreads the news. But, when a person decides to take a selfie with the people dying in pain, what could be the reason … publicity of oneself?

The obsessive behaviour of ‘selfies’ is more a disorder than a trend. The standards of clicking a selfie have reached on such a low grade in India that it is considered to be a chronic mental disorder with people obsessed.

According to Life Hack,  the American Psychiatric Association confirms that taking selfies is a mental disorder terming the condition “selfitis”. The disorder is defined as the obsessive compulsive desire to take photos of one’s self and post them on social media as a way to make up for the lack of self-esteem and to fill a gap in intimacy. Selfitis has been categorized into three levels: borderline, acute, and chronic.

In the case above, apparently, the man who took the selfie with the injured victims could probably suggest the man is susceptible to selfitis. As per ‘India’, the Centre has asked the state governments to identify tourist spots where accidents occur frequently when people take selfies. Because of this very reason and the ignorance showed, there have been thousands of deaths.

It is necessary that people understand when someone is asking for help at the time of being injured is neither a joke nor a film in motion to capture it and send across the social media. To that, please share your views…


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