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One more Tourist dies after collapsing at Sunburn Festival In Goa

With yet another incident of death of the tourist at Sunburn Festival on Sunday shocked the state. The post mortem
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With yet another incident of death of the tourist at Sunburn Festival on Sunday shocked the state. The post mortem report of two tourists died on the first day of the sunburn festival has been kept on hold by the Goa Police in the need of further investigation and the third case came into the light on the third and concluding day of the festival. 

The sources have called it died due to overdose of the drugs but local police and senior officials have denied any drug detection at the festival venue.

It may be recalled that the report published in Goa Prism about the death of two tourists who came to witness the EDM festival from Hyderabad collapsed at the venue and died on the way to the hospital.     

The third tourist also showed similar symptoms before he succumbed to the complications. According to the sources, a tourist from Bangalore who arrived in Goa on Sunday to attend the Sunburn festival supposedly collapsed at the venue after complaining feeling severe uneasiness.

According to the PTI report, On Sunday night, a visitor from Bengaluru, Sandip Kotta, complained of “extreme uneasiness” at the festival venue at Vagator beach in North Goa district, a senior police official said. 

“An ambulance was called at the venue and he was rushed to a state-run hospital in Mapusa town where he died minutes after admission,” he said, adding that the man’s age was not yet known.   

With this, the total number of tourist deaths in the last three days after collapsing at the EDM festival venue has gone up to three.    

Goa BJP leader Rajendra Arlekar on Monday wondered whether such festivals were required for the promotion of tourism. “Do we really need events like Sunburn to promote tourism? Can we not redefine our priorities in this sector?

The opposition party blamed it on the organisers demanding the immediate arrest the Sunburn organisers holding them responsible for the death of three tourists. The Congress spokesperson on Sunday alleged that all the deaths have taken place due to drug overdose.    

“Drug overdose is the reason behind the death of two tourists from Andhra Pradesh at the Sunburn festival, and it indicated the sale of narcotics at the venue,” said the Congress spokesperson.

However, the Goa Police denied the use of the drug in the festival saying, no case of drug use or sale has been detected at the festival venue.

The question here is if there was no drug detected then how come the tourists have died suddenly one after another in such condition? The death of one person can be cited as a case of a heart attack but all three getting heart attack that too at the Sunburn festival just does not make any sense. Do you agree?   

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