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Getting To Know Matt Zagula And His Book SMART Retirement

When it comes to reading a book that teaches ways to increase the nest egg called retirement savings, the best
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When it comes to reading a book that teaches ways to increase the nest egg called retirement savings, the best option would be the one where the author has a proven track record. Matt Zagula, a Financial Advisor and Tax Expert, is one such author. Zagula already has two books under his belt Spend It Twice, A Retirees Guide To Free Money and Invasion of the Money Snatchers. His latest guide and third book SMART Retirement takes on a new approach to financial planning. Unlike other financial guides that re-churn the same old ideas, SMART Retirement helps industrious individuals, businessmen and women learn practices used by the wealthy.

An alumnus of Bethany College, Matt has had a unique career path that is founded in one ethos – “provide advice with confidence based on fact, not fiction”. One of the people who forged the way to Income Planning, Matt founded a successful firm that was acquired by National Financial Partners, a financial corporation, when he was just 29. He later bought back the company in 2008, when the market saw a downfall and made it thrive. The independent firm is working until today.

The man who teaches not only the average human but also advisors and wealth managers ways to achieve the lowest legal tax rate is also the co-founder of two institutes – Longevity Planning Institute and Veterans Benefit Institute. The latter is a training program run by attorneys to advise veterans on radical ways of benefit-planning techniques. Zagula has also co-authored the book No B.S. Trust-Based Marketing with Dan S. Kennedy.

With his book SMART Retirement, Matt Zagula keeps his word to focus “on helping pre-retirees and those in retirement get more”. The book really does explain techniques and strategies used by top executives to increase their wealth. The Strategic Movement Around Retirement Taxation™ does exactly as it says, reduce tax burden after retirement.

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