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How the Love Story Turned into the Hate Story, the Real Facts Behind Relationship Between Major Nikhil Handa and Shailja Dwevedi

The Shailza Dwivedi murder case took a very interesting turn with accused Nikhil Handa confessing before the police of the
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The Shailza Dwivedi murder case took a very interesting turn with accused Nikhil Handa confessing before the police of the illicit relationship between him and his friend’s wife saying that they were together for several years and he had killed her as she decided to come out of the relationship. The news keeps making its progress with different new theories, let us take a look at it…

As per the earlier reports published by Times Now, revealed that Nikhil Handa killed Shailja because she refused to marry him. The accused met Shailja in 2015 in Nagaland where her husband was posted. Even after they moved to Delhi they were in touch. Further on, Handa confessed that they had an extramarital affair and that they spent time talking on the phone. But however,  Shailja stopped talking to him after her husband Amit Dwivedi caught them red-handed doing an obscene video call. He warned Handa to stay away from his wife and end the affair here.

But Nikhil was obsessed with her. He went on calling her for days but she didn’t pay heed to his constant calls. Thereafter seeking a chance he led her to a remote place and murdered her. Her brutal murder was the price she had to pay for refusing to continue the affair.

According to the Indian Express, Nikhil had created a fake social media account through which he befriended Shailja. Apart from shailja there 3 other women with whom he was constantly in touch. The Delhi based women have been approached by the police and the investigation is on. Police sources claim that he decided to disclose his real identity after six months when they planned to meet. After some meetings, Shailja invited him to their house party where she introduced Nikhil to her husband.  As time passed by, Nikhil tried to get closer to Shailja, he even requested a transfer to Nagaland where she was staying with her husband. When Shailja found him intrusive and clingy, she warned Nikhil that she will complain to the senior Army officials and told him to stay away. She threatened to ensure a court-martial against him. Nikhil called to meet Her at the Army base hospital where his son was admitted. They got into the car and went to the remote place where the accused committed the crime. 


This isn’t the first time that an Army officer has been caught involved in such crime, there are many such cases which took place in the past, and here some of the past crimes committed by the Army Officers…

  1. One such case was of the Bollywood movie which inspired by true events of Naval Commander KM Nanavati ‘Rustom’. The reason for the incident can be said because of love-betrayal drama but as we read deeper, more stories unfold its way. In 1959, Naval Commander KM Nanavati was tried for the murder of his wife Sylvia’s lover Prem Ahuja on April 27, as per a report by news agency ANI. Commander Nanavati was reportedly accused under section 302 nut was initially not declared guilty. He was further presented before the Bombay HC where after several hearings was pardoned. The case was widely covered and inspired several books and films.
  2. Kishan Sikkand was blasted with a parcel bomb in his residence. The parcel bomb was sent by retired Lt Col S J Chaudhary. He was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment by a lower court in 2008 after facing trial as the case kept on dragging for years. Sikands’s close relations with Chaudhary’s estranged wife triggered the incident. Their marriage was almost broken and so to eliminate Sikand, Chaudhary parceled Pakistani bomb which was seized in the 1971 war to Sikand’s residence Sundar Nagar, Delhi. However, Lt Col Chaudhary was acquitted by the Delhi High Court in 2009 and absolved of the charges of murder. The judgment was upheld by the Supreme Court as “plausible, logical and persuasive”.
  3. Captain Megha Razdan who was a from the 113 Engineering Regiment (Electrical and Mechanical Engineer) committed suicide by hanging herself to the ceiling fan. She was married to Captain Chaitanya Bhatwadekar of Maharashtra who was dealing with chemical and biological warfare in 2006, as per ANI. After suffering ill treatment from her husband, and discovering that he has an extramarital affair with a Pune girl committed suicide. The police arrested her husband.
  4. Another gruesome murder took place in 2008 in which Neeraj Grover a television executive working for Synergy Adlabs was murdered at the hands of Lieutenant Emile Jerome Mathew and accomplice girlfriend Maria Susairaj, a south India actress. Grover and Susairaj were friends at work but also allegedly shared a relationship beyond friendship. Lieutenant Mathew didn’t like the relationship and thus killed Grover. Mathew was eventually found guilty of ‘culpable homicide not amounting to murder’ and for destroying evidence. Susairaj was acquitted of the killing itself but found guilty of destroying evidence
  5. A 45-year-old ex-army man randomly killed 6 people with a rod on the streets of Palmal on January 3rd 2018. Naresh Dhankar, who appears to have a history of anti-social behavior, was overpowered and almost beaten to death.
  6. Constant rapes by army men taking place on the borders. “Whoever is on the border, the victim is always the women,” said one of the rape victims who was raped by 6 army men in front of her son.
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