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Delta Variant Of Covid-19 Cases Has Crossed The 200 Million Mark Across The Globe; What Next?

The global increase in the cases highlights the widening gap in inoculation rates between wealthy and poor nations. The cases
Delta Variant of Covid
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The Covid cases kept rising despite the vaccination?? No!! The right info is the cases are rising due to the non-vaccination of the majority of the population across the globe, and what is the reason behind non-vaccination? The spread of wrong information by some social media freaks who just want to increase their followers by spreading the wrong information about the vaccination. Due to this, the cases have jumped from 100 million to 200 million in just 6 months, Now what Next??

With cases increasing every day, the coronavirus has been a threat to our livelihood. While most of the families are living in grief after losing their loved ones in the second wave, this virus hasn’t calmed down yet. It’s a sad reality but one good thing surely happened through this pandemic- we all started appreciating the people and the little things around us.

The Delta variant is upending all assumptions about the virus and roiling economies, with disease experts scrambling to find whether the latest version of coronavirus is making people, especially unvaccinated individuals, sicker than before.

The coronavirus cases all across the globe have now crossed the 200 million mark on Wednesday. The cases have been more in countries with low vaccination rates strains healthcare systems., according to a tally.

The global increase in the cases highlights the widening gap in inoculation rates between wealthy and poor nations. The cases are increasing quickly in almost 1/3rd of the world because these places have not given their citizens even the first dose of the covid-19 vaccine. 

“We need an urgent reversal, from the majority of vaccines going to high-income countries, to the majority going to low-income countries,” WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said.

The US clearly accounts for one in seven covid positive patients. The reason behind this is obvious, the low vaccination rate. Most people are not getting the vaccines even after seeing the high number of people being hospitalized. 

The number of fatalities has also been very high in the United States. Similar is the case for countries such as Florida and Louisiana. The head of one Louisiana hospital warned of the “darkest days” yet. According to the White House Covid-19 response team, out of the severe cases that are happening, 97% of them were unvaccinated. 

The Coronavirus cases took an entire year to hit the 100 million mark and less than six months to hit the next 100 million. That has been the power of the Delta variant across the globe. According to the surveys, almost a 4.4million people have lost their lives due to this pandemic. 

After suffering its worst outbreak in April-May, India is once again seeing a rising trend of cases. Last Friday, the country reported 44,230 new COVID-19 cases, the most in three weeks, fuelling worries of a third wave of infections that have forced one state to lockdown.

The variant which was detected first in India has proven to be as contagious as chickenpox and spreads way more easily than the common cold or flu, the CDC said.

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