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Covid Fatality Spikes In The United States With More Than 1000 Deaths in a Single Day

The Delta Variant of Covid affects with more severity to the non vaccinated people and hence the hospitalisation and deaths
1000 Covid Deaths in US
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The delta variant has struck the into the low vaccinated population with more than 1000 deaths in a single day making it one of the most fatal attack of the virus on the population. The covid-19 hospitalisations have increased by 70 per cent in the past 2 weeks. 

The delta variant has completely ravaged certain parts of the USA. This variant has been more dangerous than ever all over the world. The areas where this variant has been prominent are mostly those with low vaccination rates.

On Tuesday, the USA recorded 1000 deaths in a single day because of Covid-19. On an average, it has been reported that there were 42 deaths in an hour. The Covid-19 deaths have been on an all time rise since over a month now with an average of 769 deaths in a day. This has surpassed the previous record of the April-May wave. 

President Joe Biden’s administration confirmed on Tuesday evening it planned to extend requirements for travellers to wear masks on aeroplanes, trains and buses and at airports and train stations until mid-January. 

This has been the highest number of deaths which have been officially reported by any country in the world. The United States has been number one in COVID-19 deaths in the world. The hospitals in the US are seeing a shortage of beds as cases are growing everyday. 

The Biden government has been constantly trying to get this situation under control but till now, they have been unable to succeed.

More children than ever are being hospitalised this time with severe problems. On Tuesday, more than 1000 children were reportedly hospitalised. The delta variant has been more dangerous for children than the original Alpha variant.

The South US remains the epicentre of the latest outbreak, with Florida reporting a record of nearly 26,000 new cases last week, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Among the new cases was Texas Governor Greg Abbott, whose state is engulfed in a fourth Covid surge. Abbott tested positive for Covid-19 on Tuesday but so far has no symptoms of the illness, his office said.

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