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A 15-Year-Old Chokes Her Mother To Death With a Karate Belt in Mumbai

The teenager choked her mother to death and later cooked up the story of suicide but the post mortem reports
15-Year-Old Chokes Her Mother To Death
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In one of the most shocking incidents, a 15-year-old girl had choked her 40-year-old mother to death with a karate belt over a minor argument regarding her studies. This incident occurred in Mumbai on July 30th and was reported as a case of suicide but after verifications and post mortem of the body, it was found to be a case of murder,  the investigating officer of Rabale Police Station, Assistant Police Inspector Dinesh Patil, said. 

And after the post mortem, it was quite evident that the teenager had murdered the woman who gave birth to her. 

“There was an argument at home with the mother coaxing her daughter, who just cleared her SSC exams, to study well and take up a medical course, but the girl resented it and resorted to the extreme measure,” Patil told IANS.

This allegedly happened over an argument for giving the NEET Exam. The parents of this little girl had big dreams for her and wanted her to become a doctor. Hence, they got her enrolled for some coaching classes. The girl probably had different things in her mind altogether. 

On July 27 also, they fought on the same topic, after which the girl said that she was frustrated and harassed over the studies and would go to the police station to file a complaint against them. After which both of them went to the Police Station where the police counseled them and sent them home. 

During the brawl over the girl’s studies, on 30th July, it was found out that the girl pushed her mother who eventually fell on the floor and faced serious traumatic injuries. In this anger, she choked her mother with her karate belt and transferred the body onto the bed. According to the reports, it is not yet known if her 7-year-old younger sibling was present at home during this incident or not.

Not only did she killed her mother, but also cooked up false stories on how her mother killed herself. She sent messages to her mother’s relatives claiming that her mother locked herself up in her bedroom.

What does our future look like if teenagers are killing their parents on some such petty matters? She could have simply involved another person to sort this matter. 

After a week of intensive investigations and trying to win over the teenager’s confidence, a woman police constable finally managed to get her to confess to the crime she did.

The girl has been detained and will be produced before a Juvenile Board soon for further legal procedures, the police said, as the case revelations stunned the people of Navi Mumbai and around.

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