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We all love to try new and innovative ways of eating our food with mouth-watering combinations. Have you ever tried
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We all love to try new and innovative ways of eating our food with mouth-watering combinations. Have you ever tried researching about them? Are you so sure that those yummy combinations are perfectly healthy? We need to realize that sometimes it’s not always about the flavour and taste, it is very specifically about our health which we often neglect. Here is a list of few food combinations that could be a huge risk for your health.

1. Banana and Milk


Pretty sure everyone has tried it out at least once in your lifetime either as a dessert, breakfast item or even a milkshake. But this delicious combination can be much bright in taste and dark for your health. Health experts have begun to spread the awareness about this commonly used combination. Banana and milk if had together could cause digestive problems in addition to also being heavy for your body. Some specialists recommend having bananas 15 or 20 minutes after having milk and not with it. Bananas are full fibre and can help in the digestion process but not when had with milk as it can create sleeping disorders and produce toxins in your system causing sinus congestion and more prone to cold and allergies.  This favourite combination of most is sometimes regularly on our breakfast menu but you might want to avoid that from now on because of its intense imbalances in the digestive system.  However we still crave for our banana milkshake because of its splendid taste, thus you can do so only if you add digestive substances like Cardamom, ginger, Chia seeds and Nutmeg to it.

2. Wine and Dessert


It’s Not very common, right? Yet there may be many who love this choice of the combination as its flavour together relieves stress after a long hard day. Sometimes people also have it as a cool gesture to show off, since of course the wine and dessert makes a lavishing combination. Before you do it, stop and think! Don’t be all grumpy later when you suddenly end up overweighed and bloated in just a few days. That’s right; this so-called lavished combination will just ruin you. This combination tends to dominate one flavour over another continuously. Yes, wine is noted as a healthy option when consumed in moderation, but are you sure the dish is still fine when combined with any dessert?  Both these separate ingredients contain a high amount of sugar which is transformed into fat. So do you know now why your weighing machine shows a sudden rise or someone says you have put on weight? We usually don’t notice it. If you have no problem with weight gain then it is alright to have to this choice once in a blue moon, but it’s a complete NO on regular basis. The striking combination could cause some serious heart problems. Instead, you try wine with vegetables as it will help balance the intense sugar levels.

3. Tomatoes, Cheese, and Pasta


Oh dear, surely we didn’t want to hear about this one. For many, it is one of the favourite sauce toppings for pasta. If you constantly have this triplet combination it will slowly harm your body in ways you might not be aware of. Have you ever felt bloated up after a pasta meal or too tired and sleepy? This will answer most of your questions: Tomatoes are acidic while when combined with starchy food like pasta it takes hold of the enzyme that is needed to break down the molecules of starch. As well as along with the cheese that is present in the pasta meal, this trio needs extreme energy to digest it and thus makes us bloated sleepy and exhausted. Well, you should also know that it is not just pasta but any starchy substance combined with tomato.

4. Black Tea and Milk


This is a mistake which we all make into thinking that the combination of black tea and milk is healthy (only black tea). It is heavenly to sip this combination, but not very friendly to the body. Black tea has amounts of health benefits and is very good for your heart. However, it is not that same when combined with milk. When milk is added to the black tea it changes its biological activities. According to ‘the things’, few molecular biologists conducted an experiment on 16 volunteers in order to study the effects of black tea with milk; What they found out was bad. Black tea alone promotes dilation of blood vessels that is good for the body, but when milk was added to the test it completely stopped the dilation. Cow and Soya milk both produce the same problems in black tea.

5. Tuna with Mayo


We all go for this combination at least once, maybe in our salads or even sandwiches. But Tuna’s high protein value and digestive chemicals in combination with yummy mayonnaise to die for could cause some really bad chemical reactions in your digestive system. You might wonder later why is your tummy so upset, it is probably because you the wrong combination of Tuna with Mayo. Its high risk, if you still want to eat it and can’t stay away from this mouth-watering combo, make sure you take less amount of mayonnaise and balance it out well with the other element. After all, you don’t want to embarrass yourself while running to the restroom in a grand fancy hotel.

6. Cheese Sandwich and coffee


Oops! We didn’t expect this. It is normally everyone’s favourite breakfast or snack. Old and young, we all just love to have a quick sip of coffee and one or two sandwiches to go with it. Of course, it is also a part of our daily morning routine, but people, wake up!  This could cause some serious issues. When you welcome the grand taste of cheese sandwiches and coffee, let’s just say you kick out all that enriching properties that cheese has. Basically, coffee defeats the nutrients in cheese making it a lifeless body. The bread had with other inner stuffing too can be helpless as the carbs in bread prevent calcium from being digested properly. This also causes problems in your cardiovascular systems. Relax; you don’t want to skip your cheesy sandwiches? Then stop the coffee and opt for tea. A well-brewed tea will give you an energy boost as well as it reduces risks to problems like cancer.

7. Fruits with food


Though it is very common to add fruits as a layout on the platter or a salad with those pomegranates and pineapples or perhaps even peculiar desserts like apple pie, fruit bread, extra strawberries on waffles and so many common fruit combinations; but is bad for you. As far as it is, these fruits and its combination are very exotic for our taste buds; therefore we just can’t stop eating them. It is not our fault that it is taste, right? Wrong. Too much indulgence in this combination will begin to reduce your digestive process. Fruits go easily through the stomach but when reached to the intestine it goes through a really hard phase, and if you are going to add it to food it will only worsen the process. Nutritionists suggest that eating fruits 50 or 60 minutes before a meal is very helpful than eating it with a meal. The same way fruits shouldn’t even be eaten immediately after a meal. A wait of two hours or so is beneficial. The best time to eat food is usually in the mornings as it will have enough hours to digest it away from the intestine, creating a place for the next food you will consume.

8. Tomatoes and Cucumbers


One of the popular food combinations is the tomato and cucumber that is used mostly in salads and other items too. Many restaurants and cafe’s serve them, whereas common people just enjoy the lightness of this double blast tangy and cool flavour. All the more, people assume them to be very healthy; it is when separate had at different times but not as a duet. According to ‘Bright side’, the combination is prone to disturb the biochemical pathways in our body leading to excessive calcination and swelling up. What’s more is that the vitamins in these two veggies can conflict with each other resulting in an upset stomach.

9. Potatoes and meat


No not this too! But we just can’t help it because ‘it is what it is’. Our favourite steaks, roast meats and barbecue that we tend to have with potato wedges and fries, it is sadly not healthy. The starch in potatoes requires alkalotic digestive fluids and the proteins require acidic ones; thus when put together, they just become an opposite contradiction. They get stuck in your stomach and create disorders like heartburn, belching, and gas.

10. Beer with Nuts


And this one is really bad, sorry to say but the most famous so-called ‘chakna’ with ‘daru’ is totally not a good choice. It will upset many of us, as we all love those salted Kaju nuts, peanuts, and some other commonly eaten ones. But what is more important, your snack with beer or your health? We definitely would prefer to remain healthy and live longer right? So it necessary to know that this delightful combo is not only unhealthy by the nuts but it leads to dehydration. Salty products contain a lot of sodium and thus your body increases in fluid loss making you thirsty and we end up having more beer. You know that beer belly that is seen with regular beer? Well, it’s not just always with the beer; it’s the beer and the nuts that give a slightly extra belly with the already existing beer belly. Now most of us will still cry to give up on this, but there is a solution, if you like it practices it. It is known that instead of immediate consuming of beer after the nuts you can have a little water to make you feel hydrated.

Sad as it may sound that our favourite food combination may have so many disadvantages we could probably still have them once in a blue moon if you can take good care along with that and have a healthy diet throughout. Know any such food items that could ruin your diet? share it with us in the comment box below.

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