The Epic Movie Mahabharata Is Under Production Spending 1000 Crore, Let’s Take a Look, Who Will Be Playing Which Role in This Most Expensive Movie Of Bollywood

If I am not wrong, most of you have at least seen one of the Mahabharata out of three made by various production houses. But the one produced by B R Chopra and Directed by Ravi Chopra in the year 1988 remains the best till date. The success of any production lies in its production Quality, and hence, despite the first Mahabharata was made with all the newcomers, it became the most successful epic in the world. Subsequently, Mahabharata has remade my at least two more production houses, and every time it became the successful story, which shows its popularity amongst the audience…

Now according to the reports, Mahabharata, The Movie being produced this time by none other than SS Rajamouli, the producer of epic movie Bahubali, which will go on the floor this year and will be completed and released by 2020 across the world. What is more interesting here is, the star-studded casting of this movie. Accordion to the reports, the top Bollywood stars along with the well known South Indian Film stars, will be playing the lead roles in this movie. Who are those stars and what character each of them will play? Let’s take a look at the complete details here.


The Trailer of the Mahabharata was first released in the month of November giving the complete details of what the final product will be all about. According to the reports, one of the NRI from UAE will be investing a whopping 1000 crore rupees in the production of this epic movie, which will be co-procured and directed by SS Rajamouli.

Now let’s take a look at the star casting of this Mega Production.

The trailer which was released just two months back has already received a tremendous response from an audience with whooping 8.7 million views on the YouTube. It gives the glimpse of the movie along with the placement of the entire star casting for this movie. before you start guessing their names let me finish this suspense and present before you the star casting of Mahabharata. 


According to reports, The Megastar of Bollywood (The Big-B) Shri Amitabh Bachchan, will be playing the role of Ganga Putra Bhishma (who else can afford to play this character in the country?), Bhishma Being one of the most important characters of Mahabharata demands a commanding voice and Amitabh Ji fits into this perfectly. There is no doubt that Mr. Rajamauli knows his Job best.


Next is the Role of Krishna, who is considered to be the Wirepuller of Mahabharata and it needs to portrayed by someone who is perfect, and who else you can think when we talk about the perfection? I guess you have already guessed the name of Mr. perfectionist of Bollywood, Aamir Khan, who will be portraying Lord Krishna on the screen.

The character Bhima will be portrayed on screen by Prabhas who had Portrayed Bahubali and Rajanikanth will become Maharshi Vishwamitra (The Teacher of Kaurava and Pandava. When we talk about Mahabharata, everyone wants to know who will play “Arjuna the Archer” and the most favorite disciple of Dronacharya. You may be surprised to know that, this role has been allotted to Farhan Akhtar, who is best known for portraying the most versatile characters.


Now when we are talking about Mahabharata’s Heroes, we shall not forget the villain of this epic, who is supposed to be the best Gadadhari (Mace-bearer) and most powerful warrior but, due to his over-ambitious nature and greed of becoming the King of Hastinapura (The Kingdom Ruled By Kuru Dynasty) made him lose all his wits and become the most barbarian character in Mahabharata, and this role will be played by none other than Ajay Devgan.


The Character of Karna is very challenging as it has to portray the Valour in combination with helplessness, due to taking the side of wrongdoing but, at the same time, his committed nature makes him a hero at the end, despite taking the side of Duryodhana till the end. The role of Karna Will be played by Hrithik Roshan (there are rumors about the role being offered to Shahrukh Khan before it was given to Hritik)


The most strong ladies in this epic are, Kunti and Draupadi, and both the role will be portrayed by two of the most versatile actresses, Rekha and Deepika Padukone. Deepika will be portraying Draupadi while Kunti Mata Will be played by Rekha Ji.


There are some more important characters in Mahabharata like Dushasan (will be played by Abhishek Bachchan) while Aishwarya will play the role of Ganga and you cannot forget the ill witted Shakuni which will be played by Gulshan Grover.


This movie will be released in the select theatres with first of its kind 3D Stereo. This will be one of India’s most expensive movie produced till date spending 1000 crore rupees and the according to the reports the movie will be released in three parts starting with its first installment coming to you in the beginning of 2020. What do you feel about this article, please let us know through your comments and suggestions.


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