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This 13-Year-Old Haryana Girl Can Speak English in Eight Accents

There are two types of features in humans’ personality which we tend to have different episodes of life; 1: obsession
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There are two types of features in humans’ personality which we tend to have different episodes of life; 1: obsession and 2: Passion.  But 13-year-old Janhavi  Panvar from a village in Haryana seems to have both simultaneously, along with the efforts she puts into it.

Do you know the three amazing facts about this young girl?

  • Coming from Haryana, this talented girl has mastered herself with 8 English accents (British, American, Australian, Scottish, Canadian, RP, Surprising right? She has proved to be at the level of news reading for bulletins.
  • Secondly, Janhavi is only 13, but has passed her 12 and is currently doing her 1st year in BA. Skill and knowledge is always a good combo and this Indian teenager has achieved it.
  • Thirdly, this 13-year old 12th pass girl can even sing in the all the 8 accents! One day she could be a sensation at any country’s talent shows. Janhavi has made her family and village proud by being the youngest to attend college.

The Journey of Janhavi

In the year 2017, Janhavi appeared on the Hindi BBC news channel, where she was acknowledged for her passion for learning accents. The accent learning passion may be common to most of us because surely we all love to imitate the different country accents; more deliberately the British and the American. But how many of us actually have the reason behind doing that?

Janhavi in her interview on BBC said, “It is, of course, my passion to learn different accents but I am doing this because I want to travel to different countries. When I go there I don’t want them to feel uncomfortable to communicate with me. I want to make them feel that I can understand them”


She also said that the influence behind her secret success was her father who encouraged her in this journey. Upon asked, her father said that the idea of inculcating the English accent obsession in her was to make her different from the rest. Everybody knows English in India today, some frequent English speaker is so fluent in various accents; the specialty of Janhavi is that she is not a regular English speaker, nor is she is her mother tongue English. Coming from a small village in Haryana, without the background of much English spoken language in those areas, it is unique to pursue a skill like that. The simplicity about this strange girl from the village is that despite her craze for the English accents, she still sticks to her mother tongue and speaks to everyone in the Haryanvi language.

Since the age of 9, Janhavi has been learning the different foreign accents on the internet. She trained herself by watching different movies, videos, interviews, and online classes. According to HT at the age of 12, Janhavi was selected among the 30 for the super 30 programme. The super 30 programme is a selection of 30 talented students from backward classes. A training and education are provided to such students with special tutors for the clearance of the entrance exam of Indian Institute of Technology.


The Learning Process

Along with the various accents, Janhavi has begun learning the French and Japanese language.  That means she will be in the hold of two languages, eight English accents, the Hindi national language and her mother tongue Haryanvi. In the future, Janhavi will turn into a spectacular woman with the world on the tip of her tongue. 

This young inspiration doesn’t have the talent for a keepsake; she also has videos of English lessons on YouTube and the Facebook teaching other. Not only that, you would be shocked to know that Miss Accent also lectures IAS officers in eight states of India! That is some marvellous news now. Janhavi says that she aspires to be an IAS officer after all her education.

“You are the backbone of all countries. Do more work in the interest of the country. All of you bring such a quality inside us so that our country can become better. Play an important role in taking forward the dreams of the Prime Minister”

This saying is not by a great writer or a big personality, but it is the words of the simple girl Janhavi who in her lecture addressed it to the IAS officers.

The Accolades

Janhavi has also received the award for her great talent and hard work behind it, from the CM of Haryana. In one of her speech, she says that her name ‘Janhavi’, means ‘River Ganga’. Thus, she wants to become a river of different language skills and give it out to the world.



It is rare to see such young determination and self-esteem in the teenage years when most of the teenagers love indulging in their fun world. Janhavi has more to learn and more to give away. She is a normal person just like any of us, and her belief is that if one can try and put their whole self into it, the achievement will fall on our feet.

Here, was the story of a village girl with eight languages. Do you know any more people like Janhavi? Share with us their story in the comment box below.


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