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Story of A Rickshaw Driver Who Became Millionaire

There is no substitute to the handwork and it is true to the core and can be proved with hundreds
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There is no substitute to the handwork and it is true to the core and can be proved with hundreds of thousands of success stories. The story that I am about to narrate to you here is one such inspirational dose of dedication and hard work that will change your perspective on success. The story of a 64-year-old Rickshaw driver Hari Kishan Pippal from Agra in Uttar Pradesh, who became a millionaire due to his belief and hard work.

Wealth is not an inheritance of any person or community, and one does not have to be a tech-savvy to generate the wealth too. Anybody with the commitment, dedication, and belief can become a millionaire, and the same has been proven by the Rickshaw driver Hari Kishan Pippal who is has a net worth of hundreds of million rupees today. But all these money does not come to him from any reality show or lottery, but he earned it with his hard work and belief.


Hari Kishan Pippal, born in a very poor family had a die-hard quality of not giving up on anything right from childhood. Born to a Dalit family in UP, his father was a cobbler by profession and had a small shop in the village. But, it was not sufficient to make the ends meet.

“In my heart, I am Dalit. But with good clothes, good food, good business, it is like I am high-caste,” said Mr. Pippal, a 60-year-old with a shock of white hair, a well-tailored vest and the girth of a Victorian gentleman.

Hari Kishan saw this and decided to take up the work of a labourer to support his family but at the same time he did not give up his studies. He used to work the whole day and study at nighttime. There is saying that trouble never ends and same happened with Hari Kishan. By the time he passed out from the school completing his education up to SSC, his father fell sick and the condition at home become more severe.

Now, Hari Kishan had a responsibility of feeding his family and arranging the funds for his father’s treatment. But he did not give up, and decided to start Rickshaw business, and accordingly without telling his family members, he borrowed a Rickshaw from one of his far relative and started making trips, and to make sure that no one recognizes him, he used to cover his face with the muffler.

“Life is good for me,” he says, sitting in his office in Heritage Hospital, one of the largest private medical facilities in this north Indian city. “But life is very bad for many, many people.”

The days passed by and Hari Kishan kept his studies and work going on, and one day he got a job offer from a factory in Agra to work at a salary of Rs. 80 per month. Later, on the advice of his wife, Hari Kishan approached a bank and took a loan of Rs. 15000 to start his father’s shop again. During this period, due to a family dispute, Hari Kishan had to give up his family house but, he did not give up on his dream.


The handwork and belief of Hari Kishan finally gave him an opportunity, and he received a big order of 10 thousand shoes from State Trading Corporation. This order became the turning point in the career of Hari Kishan, and he did not look back from there. Later on he received a long-term contract from Bata, and launched his company called Pippals Exports Private Limited, and started making the shoes for big international brands.

Normally people take a rest when they get bigger opportunities but, in case of Hari Kishan, it was completely opposite. He did not stop in the shoe business. After having enough funds, Hari Kishan entered into the Restaurant business and Catering business. He also invested in the Publishing business, Hospital and dealership of two-wheelers.


What Hari Kishan has achieved today at the age of 64 is purely due to his handwork and dedication. Today his company runs into the turnover of nearly 100 crore rupees. This story tells us to never give up on your dream and don’t lose the hope in any diversities. The challenge will keep posing before you as you do not have control over it but, you have one thing in your hands that no one can take away from you, and that is your handwork and belief. If you like this story please share with others and give them a reason to achieve their dreams. please do not forget to leave your valuable comments on this story.


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