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Social Media Once Again Comes To The Rescue of Needy and This Time its 80-Year-Old Selling Juice

The pandemic has hit us all badly, especially those who are daily wage earners. It has probably been the worst

80-Year-Old Selling Juice
Image Credits : Arif Shah Twitter Post
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The pandemic has hit us all badly, especially those who are daily wage earners. It has probably been the worst for these people. Previously, in 2020, a video posted by Gaurav Wasan (@youtubeswadoffficial) had gone viral about Baba ka Dhaba. People went there, ate at the stall, donated funds to the old couple, and whatnot. The internet truly has been a savior to the old couple. 

Similarly, recently a video posted by journalist Aarif Shah took to his Twitter handle shared a video of an 80-year old woman in Amritsar, Punjab working hard and selling juice at a stall trying to make her ends meet. 

The internet This Time Came To Rescue The Old Granny

At such an age, grandparents should be given proper care and attention. The government should also do some funding towards old age people who are working. They shouldn’t be working at a time when their body becomes so fragile.

He tweeted “This 80-year-old woman runs a stall in Amritsar. She is working hard in her old age to feed herself. She’s been struggling to have customers for some time.” In his tweet, Aarif also asked people to visit the stall and help her so that she can earn some money. 


A lot of people on the internet made sure that they share this video as much as possible so that they can reach more and more people, while those around the city visited the lady and bought juice from her. 

Someone also tweeted “If anyone visits there, please provide her Phonepe/Paytm number or bank account number. It’ll be a whole lot easier for people to help her since most of us can’t visit there personally.”

The exact location of the stall where this woman sells juice is Rani Da Bagh, opposite SBI Bank near Uppal Neuro Hospital. If one is in Amritsar or traveling there, they can surely visit this old woman. 

Not only her but there are many such people in every locality these days trying to earn some money. Whenever you see such a person around you, working hard for themselves, buying something from them, it might just be Rs20 for you, but for them, it would be their entire meal.

There are always two sides to the internet, similar to a coin. And through this incident, surely the positive side has come out. This shows us the power of social media, if we all can come together to help one person, then why not all of us start helping the underprivileged in our colonies?

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