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40 Years In Love This Couple Finally Ties A Knot With The Help of Their Grandchildren

You might have heard of many love stories that have failed due to the opposition from the families and society

Sukhe and Hariya
Sukhe and Hariya
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You might have heard of many love stories that have failed due to the opposition from the families and society but this is a unique love story of a real-life that culminated into a marriage after the wait of almost 40 years. The marriage of this couple has become the talk of the town. Who is this couple and what is their story, lets take a look at it in this special article…

The story of this couple began with a Live-in relationship and that too during the time when such thing considered to be a sin and it is unaccepted by society. This is the story of Sukhe Kushwaha and Hariya bai, a resident of Satpura in Bundelkhand Tikamgarh district in Uttar Pradesh, who fell in love with each other four decades ago, and started living together, but did not get married. 

After staying in the Live-in relationship for almost 40 years their Grandchildren decided to get them married. This marriage became the talk of the town due to its unique story. 

The Love Story

According to the reports, Sukhe Kushwaha fell in love with Hariya bai 4 decades ago. Kushwaha decided to spend his life with Hariya. He left his village and came to Sitapura to live with Hariya. Soon both drew closer and decided to get married, but the villagers opposed their marriage due to which Hariya and Sukhe decided to live together without getting married. 

According to Kushwaha, he often spoke to his children about his marriage and then the time came one day when the villagers decided to get them married but unfortunately it took 40 years for the villagers to understand their love story. Today Kushwaha is 80 years old and Hariya Bai is 75. 

Marriage with all customs

According to Sukhe, the love relationship between Hariya and him is so strong that they never bowed down to the difficulties of life and society, and finally, the day came when Sukhe donned in his specially stitched wedding dress and turban wrapped across his head, holding the garland in hand, while Hariya came wearing a brides costume and makeup    

A large number of people from the village gathered to witness this unique wedding procession that was accompanied by the Bandbars and DJ playing some Bollywood hits. Kushwaha says that all marital rituals took place in the marriage and they liked it very much because he always had the same temper in his mind that he is not married yet.

They were living together like a husband and wife

According to Hariya Bai, although they never married for 40 years but lived like husband and wife. “But there was a desire deep inside that we should get married too. Now that we have married, our children and the villagers have helped us to fulfill our dream,” said Hariya. 

The marriage of Hariya and Sukhe is not only unique but also a lesson to many couples who have faced a similar fate but did not dare to stick to their dreams due to the fear of society. The story of Hariya and Sukhe has set an example of true love. 

Note: If you have any such unique story, please do share with us and we will publish the same here on this platform.  

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