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37-Year-Old Kerala Man, Working as Driver In UAE, Hits The 40 Crore Jackpot

You never know when your destiny will take a turn and you will get what you never dreamt of and

Kerala Man Hits Jackpot in UAE
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You never know when your destiny will take a turn and you will get what you never dreamt of and something similar seems to have happened with the 37-Year-Old Kerala man who works in Abu Dhabi as a driver and hit the 40 crore jackpot, Here is the complete story…

According to the reports, he and 9 of his associates from totally different nations have successfully hit a jackpot by winning a whopping 20 million dirham (roughly Rs 40 crore) in a raffle draw within the UAE. A win that was more like a dream.

Renjith Somarajan is a man who originally hails from Kerala and works as a driver in Abu Dhabi and has been purchasing tickets consistently for the past three years, including winning the jackpot while he was exactly in front of a mosque! 

Life has never been a bed of roses for the father of one, but on Saturday, Lady Luck decided to smile on Somarajan and nine of his friends. Life is difficult but then some days feel like a miracle.

The Indians had crowd-funded and brought an Abu Dhabi Big Ticket for them, a monthly raffle held by Abu Dhabi International Airport, along with nine friends hailing all from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

When ticket number 349886, purchased at an easy price of 500 dirhams (Rs 10,160) was drawn, the group became rich by a whopping 20 million dirhams (Rs 40.64 crore). The number grew so much and today he feels rich.

He says that he never thought that he would hit the jackpot and had always pinned his hopes on the second and third, as said in the report. He said this time the second and third prizes were 3 million dirhams and 1 million dirhams.

He has been there since 2008. He worked as a driver with Dubai Taxi and different companies. Last year, he even worked as driver-cum-salesman with a company but with a salary deduction, it was a difficult life, Somarajan added. He will be sharing the amount with his 9 friends whom he gathered only recently. These were his friends who supported him the most.

“We are a total of 10 people. Others are from different countries, like India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh. They work in the valet parking of a hotel. We took the ticket under the ‘buy two and get one free offer. Each person pooled 100 dirhams. The ticket was taken in my name on June 29. What I can tell others is to continue trying your luck. I was always sure that my lucky day would come. I was always sure the almighty would bless me one day,” he said.

He says that ever since he won the jackpot, Somarajan his phone has not stopped ringing with all his friends and family members calling to congratulate him on this huge win. Hopping for jobs in hopes of getting better pay, Somarajan said that it had been a difficult life for him thus far.

He said he feels that people should continue to try their luck like he kept on believing that his lucky day would come.

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