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Indore Girl Lands in Trouble After Dancing on The Zebra Crossing on one of The Busiest Roads in Indore

She finally apologised by posting a video, she also suggested everyone to no to replicate the same as it may
Indore Girl Lands in Trouble After Dancing on The Zebra Crossing
Shreya Kalra Is a Social Media Influencer and Roadies Fame.
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The Indore Girl went viral all over the internet for dancing on the Rosama Square at a busy hour in the daytime wearing black clothes and a black mask for a dare that was given to her. The girl was later identified as Shreya Kalra who is the Roadies Revolution 2020 fame. She has been famous for her dares and funny videos on Instagram. 

In the video, the girl was seen hitting the zebra crossing soon after the traffic signal turned red and broke into a dance. While the cars had stopped at the red light, Shreya’s act left many amused and confused.

The video which was shared almost 4 days ago had received a lot of mixed reactions. While some found it entertaining and took it as a fun video while others started spreading hate. Many people labelled this video as a publicity stunt. Whatever it was, the girl has been the latest buzz in the news. 

“Please do not break the rules – red sign means you have to stop at the signal not because I’m dancing and wear your masks guys”. Said her Instagram caption on the viral video.

What happens next has actually caused trouble for Shreya as notice has been issued against her for violating traffic rules. While as an influencer, it might have just been an act of innocence, but now the trouble would be real.

Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra on Thursday said, “Whatever her intentions were, it was wrong. I will issue an order to take action against her under Motor Vehicles Acts, to stop such incidents in the future.”

The traffic department appealed to the youth to be safe and sound, while the DSP also asked youngsters to do only those activities for entertainment that prevent harming others or themselves.

Because of the notice issued, Shreya Kalra has given a clarification for her video and explained her intentions behind it. She says that she does not want more people to do the same but all she wanted to convey through this act was that people should stop at pedestrian crossings. 

She is heard saying in the video, “I wanted to make people aware about the rules and covid protocols that they are breaking, like not wearing a mask, not letting people cross the road. What I did, maybe has been portrayed in the wrong way.” She added, “I think I did this as a good initiative and wanted people to know the things you should not do while driving and stuff”.

In the video, she also gives an explanation about how she wasn’t wrong in her act as she did not break any traffic rules. Along with that she was wearing a mask throughout and did it when the traffic signal turned red. She hopes that people would understand her motive behind the video.

What do you think? Was it the right thing to do?  

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