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Poker is one of the most popular card games in the entire world. A game that involves gambling on the
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Poker is one of the most popular card games in the entire world. A game that involves gambling on the basis of strategy and skill, it is the centre stage of most casinos across the globe and even has events dedicated to it. The world series of poker, or WSOP, is a global event held every year where the best poker players across the globe compete against each other. Such is the popularity of the game. In India, however, the game had not become so popular until Anuj Gupta, an IIT Delhi alumnus and a pioneer, revolutionized the game. Having been an avid player himself, he gave a new dimension to the game in India by introducing, which is the largest online portal for playing poker in India.

Anuj Gupta was the founder of Zentrum technologies private limited, which provided CCTV analytics on a large scale in the country. His love for poker and skill at it helped him win many accolades, including the owner’s championship at PSL.  He was also involved in promoting the game in India as he pioneered the live streaming of international poker tournaments and involved himself in the creation of a poker production house. He also created India largest offline poker brand which was called the DPT series. He worked with the vice-chairman of Dabur and brought about the mind sports league for poker.

His passion drove him to create the biggest real cash online gaming portal that revolved around poker. Adda52 has over 2 lakh registered users and is renowned for providing a world-class gaming experience to players. The site makes the process of cash transaction very easy as all credit and debit cards from all banks are accepted here. In view of the enthusiasm shown by Indian players, the website introduces many tournaments and promotions for their benefit. All aspects of the website are completely legal despite the confused viewpoint of India on poker. However, poker has been established internationally as a game of skill, hence allowing Adda52 to function legally within the law of the land. Even aspects like taxes and TDS is taken care of by the management to ensure that no discrepancies come up with the legal procedures.

Though Adda52 has not ventured into hosting live tournaments yet,, Anuj Gupta has expressed his desire to host and sponsor live tournaments. Being the driving force behind the entire management of Adda52, he is a true visionary who had a passion for the game and did something for the benefit of other players. An excellent player himself, having mastered the skills and strategies of the game, Anuj Gupta has also made several investments in various startups. One of his most promising and recent investments is in Farmizen, which is a real-life Farmville startup.

Anuj Gupta has created a dynasty of online gaming with real cash in India. With sheer grit and determination, he has created the largest online portal for playing poker and rummy, Adda52. He is not just a great poker player, but an inspiration to all aspiring poker players.


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