The Best LinkedIn Company Pages in India

LinkedIn is the foremost social media platform, organizing business and social media related information and building industrial connectivity on a user-friendly portal. Highlighting opportunities for employers and job-seekers, it lists out the most sought-after companies and positions, accessing information to all its users. The platform educates, engages and inspires audiences globally.

After studying over 10,000 pages, we have compiled a list of the 4 best managed Linkedin pages based on our content marketing index score. Our criteria for selection was not size or sector but it was the creativity of content, quality of information and engagement.


This Indian IT giant has mastered the art of Linkedin page management. Frequent updates that go beyond just IT. The page is personalized, engaging and has a loyal and substantial follower base.

2. Infosys

Following the footsteps of its competitor, Infosys has given special focus to innovation on their page. Their page is frequently updated with motivational quotes from their employees across the globe. It also consists of updates on the technological areas the company is focusing on.

3. Volkswagen Financial Services India

The German automotive multinational is a division of the Volkswagen AG group of companies is the first financial services company to feature on our list. Regular updates about Innovative financing and insurance solutions have attracted a lot of users to follow the page in a short span of time. Unlike other financial pages, the page has a distinct character.


HDFC Bank’s Linkedin page used to greet you with a very cheerful cover picture of its employees. While the cheerfulness has reduced, the bank’s focus on highlighting its achievements have not. The page continues to experience a steady increase in followers and engagement rates.


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