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Take a Look at the Richest Village in Maharashtra, having a Population of merely 5000, Most of the Farmers are the Millionaires here

You will be surprised to know that this village has nearly zero percent poverty, and the reason behind this is
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You will be surprised to know that this village has nearly zero per cent poverty, and the reason behind this is the way people of this village work towards their goals, that seldom most of the others villages in India have ever tried. People of this village have changed their destiny with their hard work, and they have turned the calamities into the opportunities. it is the most inspiring story I have ever come across, which I am sharing with you here…

Perhaps Mumbai is the richest place in our country, being the financial hub of India, most of the billionaire stays here, and Mumbai is being the part of Maharashtra, makes it one of the richest states in India. Besides Mumbai, Maharashtra has utter poverty spread across the villages. Thousands of farmers commit suicide every year in Maharashtra due to poverty and piling up of the loans. But, do you know that there is a small a tiny little village that exists in the Maharashtra, which has the population of merely 5000, but, Farmers here lives like a king, having the best of luxuries and high standard lifestyle, that no other villages in India have.


Anjnale is the name of a village, I am talking about here. It is situated in Maharashtra, and with the population of merely 5000, this village has around 200 bungalows, that displays the prosperity of the farmers in this village. The recent shortfall of the rains had the huge impact on the crops produced in most of the villages of Maharashtra, but, this village remained productive compared to the rest of the villages in Maharashtra, how? please take a look here.

According to the reports, the village that has a population of merely 5000, all of either farmers or shepherds, is the most self-contained place in India. The tall shading 200 bungalows, displays the prosperity of this village. There are many houses that value at around 50 lakh and above, and most of them are fitted with the modern amenities & gadgets, such as 48 inches television, luxurious sofas, Expensive chandeliers hanging from the roof, and luxurious cars standing in front of each house is sufficient enough to display the kind of lifestyle the farmers live in this tiny village.

The basic business and the income source of this village is farming, and most of the people living in this village are either farmers or shepherds. You will be surprised to know that the turnover of more than 200 farmers here is more than 80 lakh rupees, which much higher compared to some of the small time businessmen’s earnings in the metro cities.

Now you would start wondering what is the secret behind the success of this small-time farmers and what makes this village so much wealthier? Here in this story, we are going to reveal some of the most amazing facts about this village that will make you think, how these people have changed their destiny with their hard work. 


According to the reports, this tiny village known as Ajanale is a drought-prone zone in Maharashtra. There are no rivers connecting to this tiny village, and no other source of water except for the rainfall, which happens once in a year, that too for a very short period of time. The wells are dry and the water levels go bellow 500 foot which makes the life of the farmers even more difficult. The reports claim the till 1972 this village was only surviving on the breedings of the herd, and the farmers who are millionaires today, once upon a time they used to work as daily wage labourers, for merely two rupees a day.

If you listen to the ordeals of the farmers, you will be astonished to know, how they become so rich despite such adversity. According to one of the farmers, who used to earn Rs. 1.70 per day from daily wages in the year 1978, has the bungalow and luxurious cars standing in front of his bungalow. “I had to left my school does feed my family, and I started working as the labourer on a daily wage. But, today with the God’s grace we have everything, big house, big cars,” claims this farmer, who is a millionaire today, and having all the luxuries of life at his disposal.

The village, that has the only source of water, a rainfall, that too for the very short span of time, once in the year, today reaps the rich plantation of pomegranates. The village which used to survive only on the daily wages in the past, today it is known to be the California of Maharashtra, due to its huge production of pomegranates. What is the secret behind this paradigm change and how these poor farmers become rich in the short span of time? According to the sources, the secret of their success lies in the accretion of water in more than 600 farm ponds which is the largest not only in Maharashtra but in the rest of India.


According to the reports, things started changing after the biggest Drought hit, in the year 1972. The government of India included this village into the ‘Krishi Pandhari’ scheme, under which they build small waster storages in this village, people also started supporting the initiative, and they blocked the water and assimilated for the future use, and from hereon the things started taking shape.

The task became easier, as most of the farmers were the daily wage workers, and they did not have to get the people from outside to do this job. Following the troubleshooting of the water scarcity problems, the villagers started the plantations of Pomegranate, which change their life completely. The revolution began in the year 1980 when one of the farmers came up with this new idea of Pomegranate plantation, and looking at the margin of profits, more farmers started turning towards the Pomegranate plantations.

The farmers did not stop here. They realized the value of water, and being aware of nothing can be done in the absence of water, they started building a small Farm Ponds in their fields, and today this place has more than 700 such Farm Ponds, which is the highest numbers in the country. According to the reports, each Farm Pond consists of more than 300 million litres of water storage, and out of the 10,000 acres of the land in the Ajanale Village 8,000 acres of land is under the cultivation of Pomegranate.

Today the situation is such that each farmer has its own private plantation of Pomegranate, and their Bungalows are situated right in the centre of their farms. Traders and exporters from all over the country come to this village for purchasing the Pomegranate for exporting across the world. According to the sources, this is the only village which does not have the single case of suicide by the farmers till date. 


The mantra of ‘Save water, Save Life’ fits perfectly to this village called Ajanale, where people have become rich despite the stringent scarcity of the water for the ages. This is the perfect example for the Maharashtra and rest of the country. Other states can take this as a pilot project and develop similar facilities in their drought-hit villages. People can take care of any problems if they decide to come up with the solution. The farmers of Ajanale are the perfect example of handwork and smart-work.

What do you think of this story? Do you feel this business model can be taken over to rest of Maharashtra where draught situation is recurring? Please share your valuable comments and views on this issue.


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