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UAE Introduces Five Year Multiple Entry Visa Scheme to Boost the Tourism

Dubai is a business hub of UAE and the major business of Dubai is tourism. Under the very able leadership
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Dubai is a business hub of UAE and the major business of Dubai is tourism. Under the very able leadership of Prime Minister Shaikh, Mohammed UAE has always been on the world map of tourism. Dubai attracts more tourists compared to any other tourism destination in the world and surprisingly major revenue of Dubai does not come from oil or natural gas but the tourism.  The vision of Mr. Shaikh Mohammed is a major force behind the rise of the UAE from scratch.

According to the reports, now UAE under the leadership of Prime Minister Shaikh Mohammed is planning to introduce the 5-year multiple entry visa to boost the trade and tourism further.    

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced a five-year multiple-entry visa scheme for all nationalities, in a move that is geared towards promoting tourism in the country.

“Today we approved the change of the tourist visa system in the country so that the duration of the tourist visa is five years, multi-use for all nationalities. We receive more than 21 million tourists annually and our aim is to establish the country as a major global tourist destination,” UAE’s Vice-President and Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed said in a tweet in Arabic.

Right from the Burj Khalifa the tallest structure in the world to the biggest fiver star hotel Burj Al Arab is the part of tourism development in Dubai and people from all over the world come down to see these wonders. The only issue was the visa to the UAE.   

Dubai City at Night

According to the Dubai-based Gulf News, prior to this, tourists could get single or multiple-entry visas for a duration of 30 or 90 days. In the new five-year multiple-entry system, visa holders may be allowed to stay for six months at a stretch. The details of the scheme are yet to be announced. The country’s Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship will be implementing the decision.

The sources have revealed that this new visa policy will not only meant for boosting tourism but also to promote the workforce to UAE. Travellers from Africa, some South American countries, Arab states outside the Gulf, and European states from outside the European Union and the former Soviet Union previously needed visas, AFP reported.

According to the reports, UAE currently gets around 2 crore tourists per year and there is a possibility of an increase in the trade and tourism multifold with the new visa policy in the place. There is more in store for the Indians who travel to the UAE as they keep making policies keeping in mind the workforce in Dubai.

Burj al Arab

In July 2019, the UAE allowed women employed in the country to sponsor work permits for their husbands, fathers, and adult children, and reduced the fees for obtaining work permits by 50 per cent to 94 per cent for 145 services and transactions. In the same month, the Emirate of Dubai said it would accept the Indian rupee (INR) for transactions at duty-free stores.

The sources have said that the new development could be the cornerstone for the Dubai Expo which is scheduled to take place in the month of October 2020. Dubai Expo is considered to be a big-budget global trade fair.

Source: Indian Express | Dubai OFW

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