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These are the World’s Most Powerful Passports in the Year 2020, Indian Passport Still Remains behind at the 84th Position

Just like currency the passports also have the power but unlike the currency, the power of the passports depends on
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Just like currency the passports also have the power but unlike the currency, the power of the passports depends on the number of other countries allows that passport holder a visa-free entry into their country. This article will give you insight into the world’s most powerful as well as worst passports. Let’s take a look at which countries in the world have the most powerful passports.    

The power of the passports depends on various factors such as the economy, facilities, freedom free movement and visa-free travel open to holders of particular passports. That means more country allow you the entry without much hassles decided the ranking of your passport and Indian passport stands 84th in this ranking. 

According to the reports, Japan retains the position of world’s most powerful passports and it fetches the visa-free entry to nearly 200 countries across the world. India was ranked 82nd in the world last year which dropped to 84th position in 2020.

Indian passport can get you the visa-free entry to only 58 countries according to a new report. Based on data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA).   

According to the reports, Henley & Partners has come out with a passport index where countries are ranked according to the number of destinations their passport holder can access without a prior visa.       

India’s passport ranking dropped 2 places in 2020 to the 84th position where it is tagged along with Mauritania and Tajikistan. Chinese passport is more powerful than India’s as it is ranked 71st. Afghanistan’s passport is the world’s worst passport while Pakistan’s is the fourth worst, according to the Henley Passport Index 2020 report.   


Indian passport holders can travel visa-free to 58 destinations like Bhutan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Macao, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Kenya, Mauritius, Seychelles, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Iran and Qatar. However, you might require visa-on-arrival in some countries.

According to the survey, there are best and worst passports in the world lets take a look at the Best and worst countries based on the ranking of their passports.

Worlds 10 most powerful Passports

  1. Japan stands on the number one with visa-free entry to more than 191 countries, this is due to the Japanese economy and trade treaties with several countries across the world.
  2. On the second place comes Singapore with 190 countries. Singapore is one of the most developed and equipped with modern facilities.
  3. Germany and South Korea get visa-free entry into 189 countries         
  4. Finland and Italy get entry to 188 countries
  5. Denmark, Luxembourg, Spain: 187 countries 
  6. France, Sweden 186 countries     
  7. Austria, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland 185 countries      
  8. Belgium, Greece, Norway, UK, and USA 184 countries     
  9. Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Malta, and New Zealand 183 countries   
  10. Hungary, Lithuania, Slovakia 181 countries

Worlds 10 Worst Passports

  1. Afghanistan, Visa-free access to 26 countries
  2. Iraq, Visa-free access to 28 countries
  3. Syria, Visa-free access to 29 countries
  4. Pakistan, Visa-free access to 32 countries
  5. Yemen, Visa-free access to 33 countries
  6. Libya, Visa-free access to 37 countries
  7. Nepal, Visa-free access to 38 countries
  8. North Korea and Sudan, Visa-free access to 39 countries
  9. Kosovo and Lebanon, Visa-free access to 40 countries
  10. Bangladesh, Congo, Eritrea, Iran Visa-free access to 41 countries

Now based on the above report you get the idea where who stands and what elevates the standard of the passports. India still needs to travel a long distance until the time when Indian passport become the world’s best and most powerful passport.

Source: Live Mint | Independent | The Better India 

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