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Enjoy Your Vacation in These Countries Where 1 Indian Rupees is Equal to 300

We all love to vacation once in a while, right? But with that comes all the burdens of expenditure in
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We all love to vacation once in a while, right? But with that comes all the burdens of expenditure in different segments like travel, food, stay, places to visit and most important shopping. Vacationing in the US and European countries will leave a hole in your pocket; probably become bankrupt in just two days of your vacation.  That is because of the high currency value in those countries. Even after months of saving for the vacation, we still feel a little hunch as we hesitate whether to spend that or not.  It might be okay for a business person or high-class pocket filler, but for commoners and middle-class members, it becomes difficult while travelling to these countries.

We do not want to spend much, but we want to enjoy a lot. So where do we vacation at that? Take a look below and get your smile back because there are some pretty good countries that will help you spend a limited amount on your trip. Let’s get ready!


You’ll be happy to know that there are many more places in this world that we haven’t explored and is beautiful, surprisingly also cheap. One among them on the list is Bolivia. Never heard about it? That’s right because this amazing place is less spoken of than the big countries that people often boast. It has its own charm and above all the currency is low. The currency in Bolivia is like INR 1 =.11 Bolivian.  On a very low budget, one can have an extravagant vacation. You can spend as much as you want with tasty food and a luxurious stay. It is the exact same feel like vacationing in rich countries, except at lower costs. You will even start feeling like a millionaire at this place because of the low prices. Don’t miss a chance of visiting Bolivia. This place has a small town which is close to the seashore and forest area. Many people who have been here earlier say that the place is really exciting without burdening your pocket. Bolivia will definitely send you back without an enormous expenditure.


The next country that will be a blessing for all of your years earning and savings is Paraguay. Paraguay is a landlocked country between Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia, home to large swaths of swampland, subtropical forest and wildernesses comprising savanna and scrubland. The currency here is 1 INR = .014 Paraguayan Guaraní. It is known to be one of the world’s cheapest holiday destinations. The fascinating news for you about this place is that… Beer is free! It is definitely a bonus for a relaxing vacation. Want to grab some free beer? Then don’t miss the chance to visit Paraguay.


Nepal is India’s neighbouring country and once upon a time, it was a part of India. Everyone knows that Nepal has mouth-watering food and beautiful Himalayan view. If you want to visit a country like India then Nepal should be visited. It is within one’s budget and cost-friendly; not only for an alone member but an entire family. 1 INR = 16 Nepalese Rupee.


Surely all of us must have heard about Zimbabwe at least in our geography lessons at school. It is a landlocked country in southern Africa known for its dramatic landscape and diverse wildlife, much of which is within parks, reserves and safari areas.  The currency here is 1 INR= 6 Zimbabwe dollars. People who have travelled to Zimbabwe have said that the price of hotels and inns are way below the rates around the world. If you are an adventure lover, this place could be your dreams come true. It has all the possible adventurous activities along with the jungle safari. People here are known to be kind and very protective of their land. When you visit this rocking place, make sure to have around at the Zambezi National Park and click good pictures at the Victoria Falls.  Since this place comprises of adventure activities which are mostly free, you will have to spend very less.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been known for its stable democracy. Ever dreamt of journeying to the Caribbean? Well, Costa Rica can swirl your world around because the currency here is like 1 INR = 83 Costa Rican Colon. It has breath-taking beaches and islands. People who have visited this place admit the place is so cheap and heavenly that you wouldn’t want to leave. Just imagine lying under the egg yolk sun and soft sparkling sand, with turkey being roasted on the fire. Amazing right? Who wouldn’t want a holiday like that? If you’re planning your vacation next summer, don’t hesitate to make a trip to Costa Rica.


Alright, so you might think this is directing you towards countryside places, but it’s not true. We have in store for you a place like Belarus. It is a small European country, and the currency here- 1 INR= 216 Rubles. So, no worries as you can still visit a European country on a lower budget. Belarus has great museums and little cafés all around the place. There are many lakes and jungles if you’re into camping and picnics. You won’t be spending much since you can use your own materials and equipment. Do travel to Belarus, as here you will have the fun of vacationing in a European place and also you won’t be spending much.


Among the countries with a low currency value, there is a country called Cambodia. Some of us know about this place, but what we don’t know is that this place is quite affordable; 1 INR=60.21 Cambodian Riel.  Don’t think twice, just book the tickets and go on a vacation. A popular attraction in this place is the world’s largest Temple. If you are a fan of the history subject, then the origination of civilizations will create an interest in you, as this place has it all. It is not only good for school trips but a great place for people in love with such monuments and antiques. Travellers to this place have defined Cambodia as a heavenly home where one spends less and gains more.


Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country on the South China Sea known for its beaches, rivers, Buddhist pagodas and bustling cities. This place will be a good fortune for you as here the currency value is 1 INR = 334 Vietnamese Dong. One day expenditure in Vietnam is 700, which means in Indian rupees you will just be spending around 2 to 3 rupees; can you believe that? You will be saving so much! Make sure to visit all the beaches and scenic locations in Vietnam. Don’t miss this place; anybody could enjoy a trip to Vietnam because of its extremely low currency value.


Here comes Mongolia, the cheapest of them all! It is even cheaper than in Vietnam. Get ready to visit this place because you have everything in the palm of your hand. 50 INR = 1792 Mongolian Tugrik and the expenditure in a day will be around 400. Thus you see, in some countries, you can actually vacation like a king. The interesting fact about this place is that it has a number of Horses. When you visit here make sure to at least have one horse ride.

Now the world is before you! It is your1S choice to choose the country that is best suitable for your vacation. Without wasting much time book your place at one of these fantastic places. Have fun! Also, do feel free to share some more places that you know of I the comment box below.

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