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Here is The New iOS 12 Coming out This September, What does it have for you?

We are all familiar with the story of the creation of Steve Jobs Apple and have grown in the spicy
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We are all familiar with the story of the creation of Steve Jobs Apple and have grown in the spicy age of iPhones.  Building a brand image is so important that Apple has excelled in that category. iPhone is considered as a part of a person’s lavish lifestyle. Today, the type of gadgets we use classifies us into numerous categories. If you were to use a flip phone, then you are put into the serious business category, if you use the old-fashioned button phone then you are an antiquated person, a touch screen user? Let’s just say it makes you be in a fancy fashion mania zone, while when you use the Apple I- Phone you are considered the showstopper from the various other brands walking on the ramp. So you do know exactly what the Apple Brand has given a percept in your mind about them that “Using I-phone gives you a form of luxury.” Yes, it does, with its adequate features of sound and image; this is a win-win for all those who use it.

But wait till you hear this!

Sources have brought the breaking news to all the I-Phone lovers about the next new super version of Operating System i.e. iOS 12. Rumors spread that this OS will hit the I-Pones and I-Pads in the overwhelming season of autumn this year. I-Phone is said to have been using this new facility to avoid bugs and give a more stable smoother experience. One thing is for sure that during the World Wide Developers Conference on June 4th, some secrets to this new OS will definitely be revealed.

So far nothing has been said as to what will the features do or what are the interfaces.  However, it has been unveiled on how the redesigned lock would look like and that Apple might add support for the widgets on the always-on lock screen. As per the Brazil-based website ihelp BR, users will be able to pick up to four different shortcuts on the lock screen and the 3D touch will give a detailed view of these icons.  According to 9to5Mac, the weather details, Apple music, and the phone app could be a part of the complications on the lock screen in iOS 12. Not only this, gossip goes on about how new features like improvements in volume indicator and a dark mode is expected. There could even be possibilities for NFC chip being used for more purposes and iOS may also involve universal apps for phones and Macs, along with extra facilities of parental control mode. But the main aim of the new OS to satisfy sustainable users to have problem-free software than infusing more features. Some even stand in hope for WWDC to surprise fans with new MacBook Air, after the news of the preview of iOS guaranteed on 4th June.

As per the information from Macworld website, these are some ‘very likely’ features to be an addition to iOS 12: Augmented Reality features boost, improvements in terms of Parental Controls, improved Shazam integration in the iPhone and iPad, health-related features, personalizing the response to a call that can’t be taken, Improved Emoji search, Airplay 2 for a multi-room audio, ability to make group calls via FaceTime video, New Messages features, Ability to change video resolution in-app, Finger-detecting dynamic keyboard etc.

Also, according to sources, do you know what is going to be more fascinating?  The development testing reports for WebKit have been found to include references to iOS 12 and they hinted that the oldest iPhone to be supported in iOS 12 will be the iPhone 5s. Isn’t that the happiest statement ever? Imagine what it is like to avoid worrying about spending sums on a new phone and just update them with the new Operating System.

This new iOS 12 is a promising attribute of enriching and bringing joy to all the users. It is all about the wait now, to see what the WWDC unfolds on its meeting in the month of June.

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