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Android has 47 Times More Malware Than iOS, Says Apple CEO Tim Cook

In today’s world where privacy matters more than anything, the iOS is consistently trying to maintain the top position in

Android Has More Malware Than iOS
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In today’s world where privacy matters more than anything, the iOS is consistently trying to maintain the top position in that segment and the differences in opinions regarding Android and iOS aren’t phasing out anytime soon. The competence of making revolutionary gadgets through both the rivalry tech giants has always been an inevitably debated topic in the community. What added fuel to this fire of competence??

Apple CEO Tim Cook was the subject of a virtual interview on June 16, 11:30 a.m. ET at VivaTech conference, the biggest tech, and startup event in Europe. The interview was conducted by Guillaume Lacroix, founder, and CEO of Brut. During the talk, the CEO of Apple – Tim Cook stated that “Android has 47 times more malware than iOS.”

Cook went on to explain why there is such a discrepancy between iOS and Android in terms of privacy, company values, and even cyber-attacks. To justify his impactful statement, he stated that Apple has been focusing on its privacy policies for over a decade. They see it as a basic and fundamental human right. 

He added, “Steve used to say privacy was stating in plain language what people are signing up for and getting their permission. And that permission should be asked repeatedly. We’ve always tried to live up to that.”

A special mention was made by Cook on how iOS is designed in such a way that there’s only one ‌App Store‌ and all of the apps are reviewed prior to going on the store. This kind of curation keeps the App store free from Malware. 

From past interviews, the executive is happy with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which requires that companies obtain the express approval of consumers in order to collect their personal data. He added that he’d even support stronger laws as Apple is a big supporter of GDPR from the beginning and will continue even further.

Further, Cook spoke about how fascinated and excited he is with Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence because he sees it as a technology that can enhance life in a broader way. He also added that Apple had been working on AR first with the iPhones and iPads and soon it shall go in terms of products too. This was probably a hint to expect an AR-based Apple device soon, perhaps the much-leaked AR glasses.

Getting back to the issue of malware and app privacy, Apple has recently been called out several times by Kosta Eleftheriou, Flick Type developer for allowing scammy apps into the App Store. Whereas, Google has not shown any alarming or catching malware in Android apps!

Tim Cook also spoke on tech regulations and emphasized how Apple always focuses on the user and their best interests. The current DMA (Digital Markets Act) that is being discussed focuses on companies with a large customer base – like Apple, Google, and Amazon – and wants them to open up their platforms to competitors. 

The proposed law also aims to build a fairer business environment for enterprises and individuals who depend on big “gatekeeper” online platforms to offer their services in a single market. If enacted, this legislation can become a basis for other countries with large consumer bases to also seek more openness from online tech giants. 

This would force sideloading on the iPhone, and this would be an alternate way of getting apps onto the iPhone. This would “destroy the security” of the smartphone and many of the privacy initiatives of the App Store.

During the interview, Cook declined to provide any details about Apple’s upcoming products, and only said that there’s always “something up our sleeve.” 

Photo by Lisa from Pexels

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