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Congress Searching for Crowd Funding to Gain power while BJP already Has Enough Cash to Play the Game of Throne

Game of Throne Cannot be played without money, and that has been proved by the recent happenings going on amongst
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Game of Throne Cannot be played without money, and that has been proved by the recent happenings going on amongst the political parties in the country. Following the Karnataka election, the political movement has gained a momentum in the state of Goa. After almost a year the opposition Congress has realized that they want to regain the power by toppling the ruling BJP alliance government. But unfortunately, they have realized that their coffers are empty. In the present time money plays the major role in acquiring political powers.

The funds needed to run the Congress offices in various states have been pending passed past five months. This crisis is urging the Congress ministers to give up on their fight in forming the government. The party has to crowdfund for a candidate as no other option is left. It has also been found out that they are opting for online crowdsourcing to raise funds. The BJP has already moved into its newly built fancy headquarters in New Delhi, but due to no cash, the Congress stand watching their unconstructed building still in process. 

BJP has been really enjoying all the drama that is being currently put up by the Congress, from visiting the governor to threatening the BJP and now the money issue. BJP already has control over 20 states along with their alliances, as Congress survives with just two big states. Soon the elections coming up next year will have PM Narendra Modi on cloud 9.  The charm has been fading away where once upon a time people were overwhelmed by the Congress, but looking at the conditions today the party might soon run out of business. 

Although, sources say that the Congress will not look upon their downfall since they are the most popular party and will have its way sooner or later. One part is clear at the moment is that the corrupted trading business of Congress won’t happen with all their money faded.  In case they receive funds in the future and are able to control their failure, there could surely be a possibility where they would pay the BJP in exchange for entering the ruling zone. The BJP is not less cunning; if offered a higher amount by Congress than what they already receive, easily the governance will be handed over to Congress. This whole knot of corruptions is all because more than serving the nation people want money and then end up standing for elections. According to some sources, this type of unethical monopoly could bring the nation in a state of emergency. If this goes on, in the coming years India would most likely see a presidential rule.


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