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Will India face another lockdown on June 1st? the experts panel suggests Prime Minister to lift the Lockdown

The ongoing lockdowns have collapsed the entire economy of India and the continuation of the same will only harm the

Lockdown 5.0
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The ongoing lockdowns have collapsed the entire economy of India and the continuation of the same will only harm the country more, to avoid further damage to the country a panel of experts appointed by the Modi government has suggested the Prime Minister of lifting the lockdown in the country on 1st June.

Now the decision obviously depends on the Prime Minister and his cabinet team but according to the reports, if the lockdown is lifted the schools and colleges will remain closed until the next announcement from the government.

The Lockdown 4.0 is ending on the 31st of May and there are several speculations on the implementation of the lockdown 5.0 from the 1st June. In the meeting held with all the Chief Ministers in the country, Mr Amit Shah took stock of the situation pertaining to the Covid-19. and most of the CMs are in favour of lifting of the lockdown.

According to the reports, the expert panel of Covid Taskforce appointed by the Union Health Ministry had submitted a report which suggests the lifting of the lockdown in the country.

According to the sources, the Covid Task Force Panel headed by Dr V K Paul and C K Mishra had prepared a detailed report on how to exit out of the lockdown. The sources have confirmed that there are possibilities of the lockdown being lifted in the country, but the Schools, Colleges and Religious places will be kept closed.

Although the panel has given several suggestions pertaining to the process of lifting of the lockdown in the country, the final decision on this will be taken by the Home and Health Ministry, said the sources.

According to the reports, the Union Home Ministry had formed around 11 panels whose task was to prepare the reports on the lockdown. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi and Amit Shah had a long discussion on this issue and they are in the process of forming the strategy to come out of the lowdown.

It is almost 70 days that India is under the lockdown and everyone is waiting to get out of it since most of the small businesses have been severely affected due to ongoing lockdown. Meanwhile many states have either extended the lowdown from their own end or asked for the permission of same from the centre. 

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