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The Lady Behind “Kimbho” – The Swadeshi Messaging App

Who is Aditi Kamal? While the controversy of the Indian messaging App Kimbho is everywhere, a new gossip pops in.
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Who is Aditi Kamal? While the controversy of the Indian messaging App Kimbho is everywhere, a new gossip pops in. According to sources, it has been revealed that the young 32- year-old Aditi Kamal was behind the making of the Swadeshi app. What made her so motivated to join ties with Baba Ramdev to launch the app?

As per ‘the print’, the reason is in her own statement itself, “After working in the US for over a decade, I wanted to design an application for my country,” said Kamal, an MSc in computer science from the University of Southern California.

This recent Patanjali adopted woman had previously worked at Google Hangouts, Yahoo Mail, and Oracle. When she was back from the US, she approached seniors at Patanjali with the idea of developing the home-grown chatting platform. And of course, Ramdev must have not even thought twice about it, because when an app under his brand name will launch, business and fame will definitely increase. At least that is what the people in the country think now after the app’s failure. But it is not the end of the story, Ramdev and Kamal want their happily ever after, and according to sources they are planning to re-launch the app on 21st of this month (International day of Yoga). Let’s just assure that this time there are no bugs.

In a report by ‘the print’, Acharya Balkrishna said, “We are aware of the data leaks at WhatsApp’s parent company Facebook. Data from our country has fuelled their economy and has been misused without our permission. To ensure the privacy of Indian consumers, we are launching Swadeshi alternative of WhatsApp,”

The funny part about this statement is that when Kimbho will finally arrive again on 21st, does it suggest that the same data stealing practice will continue in our country? Will the revenue from Indians be taken by the Patanjali Company? Yes agreed it was Kamal’s dream to create an app for India, but why choose Patanjali? Surely a person who lived for years in the US lifestyle wouldn’t be that interested to poke their nose in Indian issues. Probably Kamal may have seen this as an opportunity and proposed the idea to Patanjali with the hope of turning into an Indian Millionaire. Sadly, that didn’t occur in a way she expected it to, but since the app will be coming soon again gives a clear indication that they are not ready to give up at all; acquiring all the money that will come with it.

Is Kimbho really going to work out that well? It all depends on what the Indians do about it once the app is re-launched. As per previous statements made by Ramdev Baba; why is there a need to compete with WhatsApp after all when Kimbho is only for Indians? It’s just too absurd as the Patanjali team are themselves confused about what they want to achieve in the market. Sometimes they claim to be promoting Indian stuff but secretly steal those ideas from other countries, or sometimes they want to stand for a healthy lifestyle and then go on to promote technological things like the Sim card and now the app. The question is- what does Patanjali stand for exactly? Is this really about concern for Indians or is it just to flourish the business?


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