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Parking Lot of 32 Storey Residential Building Collapsed Due to Heavy Rains in Wadala Mumbai

More than 20 cars have been buried inside the debris of the fallen company wall. Due to this incident, the
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More than 20 cars have been buried inside the debris of the fallen compound wall. Due to this incident, the building was evacuated, and hundreds of residents came on the road in heavy rains.

Not even a month has passed for the Monsoon and Mumbai has again become a victim of the rains. As reported by the NDTV, the common wall of the 32 storey Wadala residential complex collapsed as the rains continued in South Mumbai taking down 20 parked cars. The 32-storey Lloyds estate in Wadala’s Antop apartment was left vulnerable to the heavy rains which eroded the mud beneath it weakening its base, no casualties were reported.

The horrifying incident took place early in the morning at 5 am today. According to a resident; a loud crackling sound followed by a thud was heard. The wall crippled along with the cars which got stuck in the debris. The evacuation of the residential complex began immediately due to which all the residents have come on the road with no roof on their head in the heavy rains.   

Mumbai’s civic body and firemen vacated an entire wing of the building, which is home to several bankers and businessmen. All residents were reported safe, an official of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s (BMC) disaster management cell said that This rain is recorded as the first heavy rain of the season.

The residents reportedly said that the construction of a neighbouring building caused the base of the wall to weaken and collapse.  A consultant who lives in the complex said that they had alerted the authorities of the consequences but no action was taken.

In a similar incident, heavy rains killed 4 people in different areas of Mumbai yesterday. It has also resulted in severe water clogging in the low-lying areas of Mumbai, delayed trains which made transportation difficult for the working class and the children. 

Apart from being a dream city, Mumbai is also prone to floods that cause severe damages to life and property. Every year people face great extents of destructions caused by rain. It is, in fact, the poor drainage system and the weak foundation that cause the structures to break and fall. The civilians become victims of the corrupt working in the country thus losing the human life.

With regards to the incidents, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said that Mumbai received 231.4 mm rain since Sunday.  So much rainfall is categorised as extremely heavy showers, IMD’s Mumbai Director Ajay Kumar told news agency Press Trust of India.

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