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Kaushal Punjabi’s Wife Audrey Dolhen Claims that She was the one who was looking after his expenses

The untimely death of Television heartthrob Kaushal Punjabi shook the entire B town industry with shock. Many celebrities talked about
Kaushal Punjabi with his Son
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The untimely death of Television heartthrob Kaushal Punjabi shook the entire B town industry with shock. Many celebrities talked about his good behavior, lovely personality and blamed his wife Audrey Dolhen who was living in Shanghai, China along with their three-year-old son. She had become a target of a lot of criticism from the fan following of Kaushal, But Audrey has a completely different story to tell.

Kaushal had committed suicide at his Bandra apartment by hanging himself to the ceiling fan and left a suicide note behind for the police saying no one should be held responsible for his death. The last thing Kaushal did before committing suicide was, he posted his son’s pics with him on Instagram to show the amount of love and care he had for his 3-year-old son.

Kaushal Punjabi with Audrey Dothan and Son Kian in happy moments

After hearing the news of the sudden demise of Kaushal his wife Audrey who lives in Shanghai, China comes down to India along with their son and she gave a shocking statement in the media saying Kaushal was a careless father and that she was taking care of his expenses. “Our son Kian had lost interest in his because of his lack of seriousness,” she said.
It may be recalled that Kaushal had committed suicide due to their failed marriage and he had mentioned the same in his suicide note, he was missing his son who was living with his wife in China after their separation.


“We had problems in our marriage but it was not a failed marriage. I never stopped Kian from talking to his father Kushal. It was Kushal who was not serious about his family,” Dolhen told

According to Audrey, who is currently working as CCO in CMA CGM China Shipping Company in Shanghai, she had invited Kaushal several times to come down to China but he had lost interest in everything.

“I invited him to settle down in Shanghai but he was least interested. It was me who was looking after his expenses. Kian lost interest in his father because of a lack of seriousness. I tried my best to save my relationship with Kushal,” she added.

Audrey Dolhen who has been blamed for the death of Kaushal does not understand why she is being blamed for the irresponsible act of Kaushal. “I don’t know why I am being blamed for his death, it was Kushal who failed in our relationship,” Dolhen said adding that she had invited Kaushal to shift to Shanghai as she cannot come down to India due to her work.

“I was on contract with my company and Kushal was not able to understand this. He wanted me to shift to London. I couldn’t quit my job. Kushal was a careless father who never bothered about his son’s future. I was at the receiving end in the marriage and not him. I was with our son Kian in France for Christmas holidays,” she said.

The Other Side of the Story

Any coin has two sides and so does this story, According to Audrey Kaushal could not take care of his kid and her and that’s why she went to work in Shanghai while Kaushal left his assets and property behind in the name of his son and his parents. The question here is how it is possible for some who are being fed by his wife to leave the property and asset behind in his will?

According to the sources, Kaushal’s parents claim that their son committed suicide due to the harassment from his wife Audrey Dolhen. “She harassed him no end and demanded a huge sum of money for a divorce. They said that she took away their three-year-old son Kian, which shattered Kushal and made him take his life,” said Kaushal’s Parents. Dolhen was summoned by the Mumbai police in connection with Kaushal’s suicide.

Kaushal Punjabi came into limelight after winning the reality show Zor Ka Jhatka, and went on to do other reality shows such as Fear Factor, Paisa Bhari Padega and Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. Kushal also worked in movies like Lakshya, Kaal, Salaam-e-Ishq, Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal, and Crazy Cukkad Family.
Source: HT

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